Spa Sunday With Gel Manicures, DIY Facials, and Your Best at Home Blow Out

See who measures up at the table.

Celebrities Who Tip Well- or Don’t (MSN) – Caught ya, cheapskates! I’m relieved to see my favorite couple being generous, as I assumed they’d be.

SUNDAY HELPINGS: It was a pretty great weekend, except for the fact that hubs got sick. It left me with a lot of time to get other things done, do some experimental cooking (I may be obsessed with wonton wrappers now) and contemplate the upcoming months. Lots going on, and I’m kind of excited about it. Did I already mention I’m not pregnant? Yeah, so that’s out the way. I also had a chance to do some real relaxing, closing off with a mini-spa Sunday. I highly recommend it. Therefore, this Sampler is dedicated to one of my favorite things: luxuriating around the house, gettin’ pretty.

The At-Home Spa Guide (Whole Living) – This is the “organic” people’s guide to your very own spa day. It includes everything from natural exfoliators to mixing up a batch of your own lip balm. It probably won’t be as good as Avon chap stick, but you’re welcome to try. I should also warn that it probably won’t turn out as good as the potions my cousin and I would create in our grandma’s bathroom with whatever smelly things we could find. Including our uncle’s cologne. Sorry, John.

Beauty How-To: A Gel Manicure at Home (A Bulls Eye View) – I hemmed and hawed for months before making the leap and purchasing my own at-home gel manicure set. What that included (thanks to a perfectly timed Groupon) was an LED light, 4 gel nail polish colors, a base coat, a top coat, cleanser and remover. I opted for the LED in the hopes that I’ll look less like a 90 year old in a few years. The typical UV light has the potential to do damage to your hands. Long story short, I love it, and it was worth the investment to avoid the $30 salon trip every time. This is a how-to page featuring Sally Hansen products, but I would highly recommend my Gel Haute LED light. The polish- well, I’d probably go with Gelish next time.

Spa Facials at Home : Seven Steps to a Fresh Face (Divine Caroline) – The most obvious at-home DIY is the facial. There are so many different concoctions you can use to achieve different results, but any way you do it, you’re likely to feel fresh and relaxed when it’s done. I highly recommend forcing your roommate or significant other to also give you a back massage afterwards. They will hate it, but suggest a trade, money, or baked goods in return.

6 Steps to Your Best Blowout (Marie Claire) – I hope you’re a person that’s fortunate enough to live in a cool city with those mythical blow-out bars I’ve heard so much about. Hey guys- get your head out of the gutter. This is all about hair. I have always had a lot of hair, and only felt that recently, I mastered the art of the blowout. It’s simply because my hair mysteriously thinned and straightened out. Be careful what you wish for. Anyways- you can get the salon effect in 6 easy steps.

The Spa Water Recipe Guide: 3 Relaxing Flavored Water Drinks (Bali Home Living) – I’m finding that whoa, turns out, the key to the perfect internal detox is…. wait for it……water. Isn’t that shocking? Water with citrus is an extra way to really push that stuff out. Sorry, just being honest. Drink up!


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