Laughing at Hipsters, Vegan Burgers That Taste Good, and a History of the Internet, by Angelina Jolie

It’s a fine day to be alive.

Jimmy Kimmel at Coachella – Messing with Hipsters (Youtube) – Hahaha.  This is a good one.  I can’t wait to buy The Chelsea Clintons’ next album.

‘Native American’ Hipster


There are few things that feel more luxurious and wonderful than a perfect Saturday with sunshine, warmth, and an open schedule.  I am sitting on my little deck with coffee, some berries (blackberries, of course!) and birds chirping happily.  DAMN.  I’m so HAPPY.  Until tomorrow, when it rains again.  Haha.  Any meteorologists out there want to explain to me why southeastern Michigan can’t keep a chain of high pressure going for more than a day?  Anyone?  In the meantime, enjoy your glorious weekend.

Homemade Bagel Recipe (Food & Wine) – The ultimate breakfast food, even for a non-breakfast person, is the bagel.  It’s perfect for grab and go, but in this rendition, it’s a weekend comfort food.  I won’t act like I’m ever going to go ahead and make this, but I will heat up a bagel from the grocery style in the microwave and pretend.  There is nothing I like more than hot bread.

The History of the Internet, by Angelina Jolie (Hello Giggles) – All you ever needed to know, in a few minutes of Youtube, courtesy of the savior of the world, AJ.  Can you tell I’m still #TeamAniston?  It is strange to think about how the Internet has evolved over the years, from eagerly awaiting your next “America Online: 50 free minutes” CD to identifying, trying, and sentencing a terrorist via Twitter, all in 3 hours.

Vegan Feast: Black Bean and Bulgur Burgers with Brussels Slaw and Hearts of Palm/Avocado Chop Chop Salad (Now Entering Flavor Country) – I was just as surprised as you might be to find this past week was “Veg Week” in Ann Arbor.  Wait, every week isn’t “Veg Week” in Ann Arbor?  Weird, right?  I had the pleasure of dining out with @EVitkin last night (by dining, I mean mostly doing shots), and had to share some of her culinary adventures.  I am pretty hungry now- and two thumbs up for the live action burger-construction sequence.  Love it.

Courtesy of Now Entering Flavor Country

How to Get What You Want Without Being a Bitch (StumbleUpon) – Or be a bitch.  That will probably get it done for you, too.


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