Conquering Legends of the Hidden Temple With Sustainable Beer and a Fancy Latte

This is exactly the right way to start your week:

5 Key Moves to Winning ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ (Thought Catalog) – If you were busy doing something other than watching ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ on Nickelodeon in the 90’s, then you were either cooler than me, or too damn old.  Just kidding.  I’m trying to be sensitive with age comments now that I’m getting eerily close to that next decade.  Sorry.

(*Update- I was getting some of my nostalgia mixed up with Guts.  Remember the Crag?  Did anyone ever conquer that thing?)



What a difference a week makes.  Today was heads and tails over last Monday, for many blatantly obvious reasons, but also because it was almost 70 degrees and sunny here in southeast Michigan.  That seems to happen about….never… these days.  Where’s my precious global warming at?  It helped me rise to levels beyond my wildest dreams.  I walked to the grocery store today.  Walked.  Then I walked back- with groceries.  It was madness.  Let’s just say that I’m feeling a lot more open to little adventures lately.  Remember how I said I knew life was about to get more interesting?  Mmmmhm.  That’s all for now.  Sample on, friends.

Reese Witherspoon “Very Sorry” For Arrest (People) – I did not see this one coming.  I hardly think that shouting, “you’re about to know who I am” at a police officer arresting my husband is the way to settle a situation.  I prefer tears and promises.  Now I’m in the mood to watch Fear.

7 Things Every Exhausted Person Should Do For Herself (Oprah) – I did the first one today without even realize I was being guided by the almighty O.

America’s Favorite Sustainable Craft Breweries (Inhabitat) – Everyone likes to throw around the “s” word these days, whether it’s energy or seafood, many of us shrug and think, “that’s cool.”  Whether you’re pretending to know a lot about the sustainable lifestyle or are a diehard energy maniac, you should at least be drinking sustainable beer.  I mean, it’s the least you can do.

25 Over the Top Latte Art Designs (List25) – The first time a barista created a Christmas tree in my latte, I giggled.  Out loud.  It made me feel pretty special.  He must have thought I’ve been living under a rock for the last 7 years, at least.  That’s because I usually opt for the house coffee, because it’s $1.07 cheaper than a latte.  Just livin’ the dream.



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