Remembering Why Humanity is Only 2% Crap, Plus Ricky Gervais

So, this is the best news we could come up with as of late?  The world we currently live in sucks, so let’s start shipping people out to one of these?

3 New Planets Could Host Life (CNN) – I’d consider going, only if Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis were a part of the plan, and accompany me safely out to “Keppler 69C”.  Everyone’s gonna wanna be on that one, it’s clearly the best of the new planets.


There is no other way to say it, and I’m going to be straight with it.  This week fucking sucked.  It sucked for our entire country, and the endless stress and bad news was just about all most of us could handle.  This is a special edition of the Daily Sampler, focusing on the good that still exists in our world, whether spun from these recent tragedies or not, it’s important to remember.  Good people, good stories, good laughs, good hope; it’s all still out there.

Emotions Pour Out at Sabres/Bruins Game (ESPN) – In the first major event since the bombings on Monday, the Boston Bruins hosted an emotional game featuring an entire-arena national anthem, a tribute to Boston from both teams after the game, and an outpouring of love and support from all the fans in attendance.  Even in the smallest ways, it’s good to see people come together.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Patriot Day Heroes: Marathon Spectators Became First Responders (The Boston Globe) – Warning- this article is pretty graphic, and about as serious as I ever feel the need to get on this blog, but the message within it is priceless.  People were saved because of other, ordinary people who rushed to the aid of strangers.  That is what humanity is.  There aren’t really words.

Man Pulls 16 People From Collapsed Nursing Home After West Texas Explosion (Business Insider) – In the second ridiculous tragedy of the week, more heroes emerged.  A nuclear-like explosion caused by a fertilizer plant leveled buildings for over 5 blocks in this Texas town.  Yet, people prevail.  Good people are everywhere.

Woman Emerges From Coma Asking For Bob Seger Concert Tickets (GoodNewsNetwork) – This one is just good for the soul.  And yes, she went!  You may want to spend at least an hour perusing this website during work on Friday.  Your boss just needs to deal with it.

Ricky Gervais on The Daily Show 4/17 (The Daily Show) – One of the funnier moments of the week was Ricky Gervais on The Daily Show.  You will watch it now, because there should be more Ricky in everyone’s life.


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