Changing Everything About Your Life in 7 Days, Releasing Fear, and a Spot of Tea, Guv’nah?

If you are a local, fabulous, funny, shiny, happy local food and/or drink blogger, (or a wannabe, like myself), you may be interested in an exciting get together tomorrow evening at The Bar at 327 Braun Ct.  It will be a joyous meet up with some of Ann Arbor’s most talented movers, shakers, and tasters.

Calling All Local Food and Drink Bloggers (Food and Wine Hedonist) – I’m pretty pumped!  Join us… we’ll be nice, I promise.


Some days, you wake up and think: “It’s time to change everything about my life.”  It was a day like that for me.  Well, after enduring another ho-hum, energy-less morning and afternoon, that is.  Sometimes, things feel so stagnant, you feel like your only option is to completely break free from it by changing everything.  That means your routine, your clothes, your hair, your diet, your exercise, your path to work, your thoughts, your city?  Basically, everything but your husband can go.  That’s how I felt all damn day.  I know life is about to bring something, I’m just getting a little impatient waiting for it to happen.  With that as the spirit of this post, let’s get funky.

7 Ways to Change Your Life in the Next 7 Days ( – I like results, and I like them fast.  3 months to feel better?  One year?  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

How to Release the Fear of Failing: 20 Inspiring Definitions for Failure (Tiny Buddha) – Is this getting too deep for you?  That means you’re just scared.  Feel the fear and GO FOR IT (yes, that is a direct quote from the “hit” movie, House Arrest.)  I’m especially guilty of #2.

Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches Ad’ Tells Women They’re More Beautiful Than They Realize (Huffington Post) – I haven’t watched this video yet because I accidentally found myself at a coffee shop hosting poetry night.  Whoops.  But I plan to when I get home, because I’ve already seen posts from around the Internet today claiming that it’s, “weep worthy”.  I love a good cry.  Women: stop being so bitchy to yourselves!

Matching TV Characters with Australian Fashion Week Collections (TheVine) – Here’s your dose of fashion with a side of TV via Australia, because I miss it.  I spent 4.5 under appreciated months down under, and now, I’ll live vicariously through pictures of what I might be wearing, had life given us jobs on the other side of the world.  I’ll get back there…someday.

Just a typical day in Sydney.

The 5 S Approach to Tea Appreciation (Chama Tea Blog) – When I’m on, I’m on like Donkey Kong for tea.  All night, it’s tea.  Trouble is, I’m no tea expert, and it gets boring- fast.  I’m used to having more of a worship relationship with coffee, but I forget that tea is also, quite the experience.  It’s not just about pretending your vanilla tea is actually a giant ice cream sundae, like I do, but accepting it for what is.  Being in the moment, all that stuff.  God, I’m deep tonight.



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