Coachella Review, Beer for Happiness, Boat Shoes for Style, and Forever Love to Boston

For everyone who wasn’t there (aka, everyone that’s not a celebrity, socialite, or a Californian):

Coachella 2013 : 10 Best Performances From Weekend 1 (Billboard) – From all accounts, it sounds mostly underwhelming.  Except for R. Kelly.  He’s always good.


I was so looking forward to a fun and lighthearted return to sampling, but obviously, it feels a little strange blogging about trivial nonsense under today’s circumstances.  It’s getting to be all too familiar, leaving work and hearing of the latest tragedy to strike, spending the evening being bombarded with endless coverage of no answers, and wondering how we’ll move on.  When will it end?  Like everyone else, I send my thoughts and prayers to one of America’s greatest cities, and only hope that love, peace, and common decency prevails over all.  Instead of feeling helpless, tonight, I carry on with my silly fluff.  I hope it at least distracts you from the sadness and devastation.  Much love to Boston.


Just the Taste of Beer is Enough to Make You Happy (The Daily Meal) – I probably didn’t need an article to prove this.  Crack open a cold one, and hug all your dear ones, puppies, iPads, whatever you love tonight.

Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older (Oprah) – I once made the boo-boo of asking for a blunt, long bob cut a la Selena Gomez.  Then I realized, I’m not Selena Gomez, and I’m also not 17 or however old she is.  My hairstylist agreed, and I was spared.  Here are some other tips, too.

The Best and Worst Picnic Foods (Food & Wine) – It’s that time of year again.  You’re desperate to be outside.  You lack outdoor judgement skills.  You pack dairy and mayonnaise based items.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  Read this first, and think twice about shorts.  It’s only 52 degrees out there!

Spring Shoe of the Season : Boat Shoes for Women (Ivy Style) – Dad, rejoice.  Finally, after many years, your favorite shoe is IN for 2013.  Except, it’s for the ladies.  As I was out walking the city of Pittsburgh this weekend, spring had sprung, and as I hobbled around in last year’s boring ballerina flat, the in crowd showed off their shiny new boat shoes.  Boat shoes (or deck shoes, as I’ve always called them) are in all kinds of colors, textures, and patterns for spring, and I have to admit, they were cuter than I thought they’d be, and looked mighty comfy.  Now, my Dad will have the last laugh.  Enjoy!

You win, Jack. This time.

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