Get Mad About Terrible Liquor Flavors, Being Stood Up by a Boy Band Member, and Whacky Amanda Bynes

Aw, poor Jon.  I wonder how long he’s going to make it…

Jonathan Knight Exits New Kids on the Block Show Mid-Concert (CNN) – My favorite part of this scenario was when he stood at the back of the stage and started texting.  Bad ass.  As a showman, there is a reason Jordan was always the best one.  That’s all I’ll say.

This picture says it all. No one should put Jonny in the corner.


Isn’t coming back from vacation a bitch?  I tend to think it is, so I decided to take another vacation to recover from my prior vacation.  It’s just a prior commitment in the rust belt, but I’m still grateful for any escape from the ordinary.  It has been extra ordinary lately (not to be confused with extraordinary.)  I do feel that new oomph on the horizon.. can you feel it?  Let’s build up to it.

7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Your Time On (Huffington Post) – The DS prides itself on being one of your daily internet time-wasters.  From one procrastinator to others, enjoy this HuffPo feature that this week features cats replacing balls in sporting events, Jim’ll paint it (this one has a special meaning for my family), and reasons why Seinfeld taught you everything you needed to know about life.  I’m not sure I can relate to that one.  I’m more of a Friends gal.

10 Worst Breakfasts to Feed Your Children (ActiveBeat) – Or yourself, really.  Be prepared to clean out your pantry and go to work and school hungry.

22 Flavored Liquors That Will Make You Angry (Buzzfeed) – So maybe there is a theme here and we’re not quite ready to let go of our anger and winter despair to lead a positive, more productive life.  It’s weird how things just come out like that.  Either way, this is a good list.

How to Brew Coffee Like a Professional Barista (Expert Enough) – I love my Keurig so much.  It’s so convenient and, I’m just enamored.  Still, I can’t help but feel guilty knowing it’s not a “real” cup of coffee, slow brewed like it used to be back in the days of inconvenience.  Now, when I go to a bona fide coffee shop, I’m worried I’ve become a coffee wimp.  This is a good place to start over.

Amanda Bynes Spotted With a Suspicious Cigarette (NY Daily News) – I’ve gone too long without mentioning this because Amanda Bynes has always been a non-factor in my life. She is getting pretty whack though, huh?

Have a good night.

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