This Is It

The 2013 baby boom is in full swing, with the latest expectant mama, Halle Berry. Here’s a complete list, for those with competing due dates.

Look Who’s Popping (IVillage) – I still sometimes have to look up Shiloh Pitt’s birthday, to find out how old my friend’s son is.

I’m back, for you, my pretties. I took a short (really..2 day) hiatus to do some end of break/wedding celebrating and here I am, dedicated as ever, typing this post from an iPhone at the bar. I am at the only bar in Ann Arbor with a seat facing a TV. The Final Four ends tonight. It all comes down to this. Brackets have been shattered, dreams have been shelved or polished, and tonight, my sports fan losing streak has the potential to end. My entire Buffalonian life has been shadowed by our sports teams’ inability to seal the deal. I don’t know what it feels like to pour out onto the street and hug strangers wearing identical clothing, wave flags, and sing fight songs. Tonight may be the night. Or not. Either way, I’m a seasoned professional. If we win, I can check it off the bucket list. If we lose, I will win money from my bracket. MuHahahahaha. GO BLUE!

Why They’ll Win – Michigan vs Louisville (NCAA) – Great news. Wolverines are underdogs. That’s all I know.



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