Slow News Day Small Plates of Love, Purses, and a Countdown to the Final Four

Happy Anniversary to some of my favorite couples today, including:

Beyonce, Jay-Z Turn Heads in Havana, Cuba (Wonderwall) – It’s no mistake that 4/4 is good luck.  Happy anniversary to all the lovas out there.


Maybe it’s just because I’m on “vacation,” but it seems like a slow news week out there.  I mean, besides obvious things that we don’t need to be worrying about on this blog, there seems to be a shortage of fluffy gossip news.  Small plates tonight, and I’ll try to leave you with more substantial samples for the weekend.

Final Four 2013 Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Semi-Finalist (Bleacher Report) – It’s the calm before the storm, and we are beyond psyched in my two home states for Michigan and Syracuse to duke (haha, pun intended) it out on Saturday night.  Here is the fact rollout for them, plus those other teams.

Accessories and Handbag Trends for Spring 2013 (MSN Living) – We have a bright future in our midst, if the current blast of hues are any indication.  I will have to do my best to warm up to orange.

Fendi for you, Target for me.

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