Tired Tuesday with New NKOTB, Douchey Donald Trump, and Revamping Your Wardrobe

Dressing for pregnancy, according to the expert, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump on Dressing a Baby Bump (CNN) – What a douche.

All the credit goes to sodahead.com for this brilliance.


So clearly, it’s a slow news day.  Maybe by the time I post this, something more interesting will have happened that doesn’t involve North Korea.  I’m pretending not to think about that.

28 Shopping Tips to Take Your Wardrobe to the Next Level (Clutch Magazine) – It was a sad realization for me to look at my wardrobe and realize I’ve gone without for too long, in an effort to “save money” for Italy, a home, etc.  (Guess how much I ended up saving..not a ton!)  Result is, I look like a hobo.  It will take a while to build things back up, but I’ll be starting with these basic tips and trying not to get too overwhelmed.

Asian Soups (Food & Wine) – I am going through a serious Pho phase (recent restaurant adventure coming soon,) and the fact that it’s 25 degrees on April 2nd really isn’t helping me to get past it.  While we wait this weather BS out, make some hot pots of asian-inspired soup.


New Albums This Week (MSN Music) – There really is only one redeeming quality about Tuesday, and that’s that it’s new music day!  I’m posting these highlights for one very hot 1989 reason.  And, I’m tired and it’s still a slow news day.

Should All Women Heed Sheryl Sandberg’s Advice to ‘Lean In’? (NPR) – A dear friend brought up this book today, and maybe changed my mind about reading it.  While the right hand lady of Mark Zuckerberg turned me off during her press tour on various talk shows, she does present startling facts about just how big the gap is between men and women in the workplace.  I appreciate her message, that women should push to achieve whatever it is their dreams are, but I can’t ignore the fact that she believes she’s speaking to a broad audience, when perhaps not every working woman can relate to her COO position, Harvard education, or extremely well to-do lifestyle.  Then again, maybe they can aspire and be inspired?  That’s about all my brain can handle for tonight.  Did I mention since I started typing this earlier that I’ve been in a car accident?  Happy vacation to me.


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