It’s April Fools, Ya Dyngus! Celebrate with 50 Years of General Hospital, Baseball, and Cocktails!

What’s up my April Fools?  I fell for a good one here in Buffalo.  Embarrassing!  Were you as gullible as I?

Great April Fools Pranks From Around the Web (NYTimes) – These are fine, but when you tempt me with a celebrity appearance, I’m going to forget all reason and charge on, full speed ahead.


This post is going to be full of things I don’t particularly care about, but maybe you will?  I’m such a good friend!  That includes-  Happy Dyngus Day.  #notpolishandproud.

Dyngus Day at the Central Terminal, Buffalo, NY

‘Game of Thrones’ Premier Recap (Entertainment Weekly) – This one is dedicated to my husband, who was very excited for last night.  Hope he got a chance to watch it, because I’ve been known to spoil TV shows at inappropriate times.

MLB Opening Day: Full Coverage (USA Today) – Baseball is the one major sport I haven’t really been able to get into and that’s for a really good reason: it’s boring as hell.  Still, if this is what floats your boat, stay up to date on all the first day games, etc., etc.  Blah.

A Cocktail Recipe for Deception (The Daily Meal) – Drinks that look like one thing, but taste like something else.  I would NOT find this amusing, upon expecting my dirty martini to taste a certain way and then having it not.  Would not be amused at all.

General Hospital Celebrates 50 Years on TV (NPR) – This is very near, and very dear to my heart.  I’ve been picked on mercilessly over the years for participating in a silly soap opera, but the fact is, something doesn’t stay on the air for 50 years if it’s not kind of good, at least sometimes.  50 years ago today, the first episode aired, and here I am 50 years later, curled up on the couch with my mom (just like when we started watching), enjoying this week’s celebration shows.  Cheers, GH and thanks for the memories!

Congratulations, second family!

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