REpost: Easter Small Plate Hosted by Jesus Christ Superstar

Happy Easter to all! This was always a tradition in my home, and I’m so pleased to see I’m not a total loner.

Guilty Pleasures – Jesus Christ Superstar (Food and Wine Hedonist) – Starting from the young age of 4, I learned every lyric, sang every song, and truly believed that all people in Jesus’ time dressed in skin tight hippy wear. I still imagine it that way. There are home videos of me sing-screaming at my infant brother, “MYYYYY TEMPLE SHOULD BE A HOUSE OF PRAYYYYYYYEEEERRRRRRRR.” He loved it.


And they shall be brief, as I have an Easter lunch to attend, and a 5 hour road trip to take on. Buffalo, here I come! Enjoy your family gatherings and thanks for all the hits. So many today before noon. Thanks for all your support!

**please excuse this abbreviated, cut off post, which I just realized was deleted from earlier. Whatever. It’s still a good day. I have arrived. (In Buffalo)**


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