Late Night Sampler – Best Celebrity Photo Bombs, 50 Episodes of GH, and So Long Babs

You need to know this for tomorrow, if you’re one of the smart people who’ve stuck with this show for 50 YEARS.

General Hospital to Air 50 Classic Episodes (SoapNet) – Starting with it’s 1963 premier episode… here is the entire list.  Set your DVR, or just deal with it while your wife, girlfriend, or mother has her trip down memory lane this weekend.  Leave her alone.


On the 45 minute car ride home from our friend’s birthday party, I felt pretty great.  Spring break has arrived, one fun night under the belt, a week ahead of my favorite people + relaxation + exercise + a wedding, so on and so forth.  By the time we got gas and arrived home, I had to coax myself into writing this late Sampler.  My bed looks so good right now.  This will be quick and dirty.

Full Sweet 16 Predictions and Results (Bleacher Report) – At post time, Indiana has LOST and Syracuse has WON.  Marquette is continuing on.  All kinds of crazy BS.  Get up to date, and go cry in the shambles of your once heroic bracket choices.

Barbara Walters Set to Retire (CNN) – It’s still just a rumor, but it’s about time, Babs.  83 is probably a good time to bow out, which you may agree with if you’ve seen any of her recent work on The View.  Everyone loves Barbara, but she says the silliest, most out of touch things now, frequently.  Then again, so does Elisabeth.

Best Celebrity Photo Bombs (Hello Giggles) – Always a good time.


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