Wash Down Those Peeps with Wine, Crock Pot Crushing, and Jogging with a Soft ‘J’

Are you getting ready for Easter Sunday?  Here’s a suggestion.

Easter Candy Wine Pairings: Sip Pinot, Eat Peeps (ABC News) – Who doesn’t love a Peep or two around this time of year?  And if you’re like some people I know, you let them sit, package open, until they’re stale.  Then dig in.  You know who you are.

Add chocolate and you have the best Easter, ever.


So today is my “Thursday”.  That’s awesome.  I hope you all have at least a long weekend to look forward to out there.  Here are the random thoughts on my mind today, in case you were wondering.  I know you were.

  • The 90’s are back.  It’s crazy to see the kids at my school dressing in such similar fashion as I did when I was their age.  Skirts and leggings, braided, then “morning after” crimped hair, and I even saw a snap bracelet on one kid the other day.  It’s cray.
  • I love my Crock Pot.  On a whim today and about 7 minutes, I threw some chicken breast in, garlic, various sauces (BBQ, Frank’s, soy), and some seasonings and bam, right now I’m enjoying a delicious, healthy meal.  I’m convinced you can throw just about anything in there and have it turn out well.
  • It’s about that time again, where I think I want to “run” (that means jog, slowly.)  I hate running, not a runner, always dream of being one but never can get there.  So I’m headed back to my favorite summer hotspot 2012, the high school track.  I need the padding.. knees and back and pain, oh my!

These samples may or may not reflect the previous thoughts.

Crock Pot Thai Chicken Curry (Food Loves Writing) – Our friends got us hooked on a red curry stir fry one night at their place, and since then we’ve purchased a rice cooker and all the necessary seasonings.  Still have not made the damn curry.  We will, someday, and maybe I’ll just throw it all in my favorite lazy cooking pot!

Chocolate Covered Desserts (Huffington Post) – I have no explanation for this.

Fashion Discussion: Are the 90’s Really Back? (The Fashion Bomb) – Yes!  Well, I’m even thinking some late 80’s, but can we all agree that we never thought we’d go back?  Ever?

Obviously the best in 90’s fashion…

8 FAQs About Running on the Track (Active.com) – First FAQ: Is running on a track better than running anywhere else?  Answer: DUH.  A track is cushioned, outside, usually fenced off to protect you from rapists, and miles are easily trackable (had to).  Love, Me. Now you can go ahead and find out what the real first FAQ is.


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