James Franco Explains Hath-Haters, Shooting Espresso Before Napping, and Carrie Bradshaw: Alternate Ending

So you can probably tell by my post earlier this afternoon how I feel about the Supreme Court’s discussions on marriage equality.  I’ve said it a bunch before, The DS isn’t a soapbox for things I want to debate over, protest for, or anything else in those realms, but I do think marriage equality is far from political.  It’s common sense.  You are made to be who you are, love whom you love, and live the way you want to live, especially in America (supposedly).  It is well past the time to make this a reality for every American citizen, and every member of the human race.

And now, on with it!

James Franco Explains Why He and Others Hate Anne Hathaway (Huffington Post) – Mmmhaha.  It’s good to have someone in the know break it down for us.  For the record, I’ve been a “Hath-hater”, I guess they call it, since long ago, before any of the Oscar buzz or whatnot.  I really don’t hate her, I guess it’s all the fakey-feeling ingenue that rubs me the wrong way.  For the record, her and Franco have ‘made up’.  Maybe someday, her and I will, too.


I forget what a great combination writing and drinking is.  I’m sitting here with my Blue, thinking about how great my Oberon was at dinner.  If Oberon is with us, you know summer can’t be that far away.  Also in Tuesday lessons: appreciate everything while it’s here.  That sounds so touchy feely, but it’s easy to spend all Tuesday long trudging through the day (as I did), just waiting for the weekend or vacation, or whatever the next “good” thing is and forget what’s here right now.  I got a reminder this evening, and now I’ll pass it on, and maybe I’ll be your reminder tonight.  Your life is now.  Or you can tell me to STFU.  That’s okay too, just keep reading.


What Candace Bushnell Thinks Should Have Happened For Carrie Bradshaw (Marquee Blog) – Turns out, the lady behind the book didn’t agree with the ends of Carrie Bradshaw, which in a way, I agree with.  That second movie was garbage.


10 Year Old Boy Launches Recycling Business, Donates Profits to Homeless Kids (Inhabitots) – Everyone loves a story like this, especially when you’re in my line of work.  Happy that this kid is a part of our future, as opposed to other things I see and worry about…

How to Make Up For Lack of Sleep (Oprah) – Some of these are actually new tips, so read on.  If you were to graph out the last month of samples, you’d see a trend having to do with lack of sleep… it’s my nemesis.

Ruffle Up Your Wardrobe (Fashion Feen) – I really, really like this site.  This is a comprehensive piece on adding ruffles to your wardrobe according to your body type.  Very thorough!  I also felt uplifted by the “Wear a Sundress to Work” post (ah Springggg)… and you should probably also check out the feature on Bey for H&M.  Notice I chose not to feature that one here.  I’m trying to spare you my gushing for a few days!  Welcome!


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