Small Plates of Will Smith’s Bad Decisions, Top Airport Dining Spots, and a Cinderella Story

Who/where/how/why is Florida Gulf Coast University, you might ask? Here’s what you need to know about this year’s March Madness Cinderella story.

A Detailed Guide to Florida Gulf Coast, The Best School on Earth (SBNation) – Annnnd I’ve got my underdog back.


It’ll be a quickie today, not because I’m so busy, but because I’m so un-busy with a nasty little headache. Hope everyone’s Monday was tolerable.

Will Smith Turned Down “Django Unchained” (CNN) – What an idiot. Everyone loves Will Smith, including myself, (duh, Independence Day) but this makes him sound like a real d-bag. Can anyone really imagine him handling that heavy, no constant punch line material, anyways? No.


Andrew Zimmern’s Top Airport Dining Spots (Eatocracy) – I have a soft spot for a wine bar I can’t remember the name of at Dulles, and a sushi place right here in Detroit at DTW, but this is a good list to have in your carry-on. Did I mention 3.5 months until I leave for summer in Italy?


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