Don’t Get Me Started Saturday Plus Street Fashion, Wine Trivia, and a Bates Motel Review

Saturdays seem to bring me to all the serious topics in the world, like this one about Disney World and the Disney brand.

To Disney, or no to Disney? (CNN) – Oh. my. God.  This is one of those articles where I start to read it, but can’t finish because I think, “Shut up, silly people!”  For anyone that has experienced Disney World/Land or has ever enjoyed a Disney movie, have you ever felt that Disney is trying to push unrealistic or “extremely individualistic” ideals on you and your family?  If you do, then maybe we shouldn’t talk anymore.  It’s supposed to be FUN.  It’s a nice family VACATION.  Stop making everything in life so black, white, and difficult!  And if your daughter wants to dress up like a Disney princess, please try not to think she is being molded into a gender-forced stereotype.  Ah 2013.  Your society really irks me at times!


Whoa.  Did not think that first article would wake me up so quickly.  I think it’s because I have been privy to seeing so many “new” types of raising children and fostering lifestyles that I have lost patience for people trying to control everything, or make some kind of point about American society.  Instead of going out of your way to not force kids into gender stereotypes, for example, maybe just let children be who they are going to be.  If they love Barbies, great.  If your precious little girl is dying to go to a monster truck show, then take her.  Your boy wants to wear sparkly, light up sneakers?  Fine!  Kids are little humans.  They are who they are because they’re born that way. (Thanks, Gaga)  Not because you as a parent have decided to let them “explore their options” without society’s influence.  In the end, it’s not going to matter.

I was going to write about my night out last night.  Sorry, friends!  I got political.  Oops.  I’m going to make the rest of this extra fluffy to balance it all out.  Enjoy your weekend!

I still want to be a Disney princess.  Not ashamed.
I still want to be a Disney princess. Not ashamed.

The Best Street Style by Real People ( – I will almost never refer to runway style to tell me what’s really going on in fashion, right now.  I’m never going to wear that stuff, and if you live anywhere other than NYC or LA, neither should you.  Even then, maybe you should be cautious.  The best tell of what to wear (and what not to wear) is live people watching, and this sample has some real people doing just that.  Wait until you hear what I saw during my Friday night out.  Tee heehee.  Wait for it.

Wine Trivia for California Wine Enthusiasts (the drunken cyclist) – Two of my favorite things in life are wine and trivia.  Trivia, in fact, is the only type of game I prefer to take part in, other than fantasy football, and mind games, occasionally.  If you think you know your California wine  stuff, try this on for size.  I’ll admit, I did not do well.  I’ve got some drinking to do.

Chicken Egg Rolls (Emily Bites) – So, I’m about to head out to my 2nd Asian-themed meal of the week with a 3rd on the horizon, and let’s face it, it’s not always the healthiest option.  But damn, it is good.  Emily saves us all once again with her lightened up chicken egg rolls.  This girl can do almost anything with wonton wrappers!

Bates Motel Review (Entertainment Weekly) – I accidentally, too late at night, caught pieces of of the premiere of Bates Motel, the “prequel” TV series about Psycho‘s Norman Bates and his mommy.  (Side note, doesn’t Mrs. Bates look like an exact mix of Lara Spencer and Felicity Huffman?)  Of course, I was mainly interested because of Carlton Cuse’s involvement (I LOVE YOU, LOST) and will probably go back and watch the entire episode at some point.  What I did see was extremely creepy, quite graphic, and mucho suspenseful.  It also gives us a little “aha” moment about why Norman was so effed up.  I didn’t sleep well that night.

Tell me I'm not on with that Lara/Felicity mash up?
Tell me I’m not on with that Lara/Felicity mash up?

3 thoughts on “Don’t Get Me Started Saturday Plus Street Fashion, Wine Trivia, and a Bates Motel Review

  1. I identify with the piece about Disney and people overthinking everything. Raising your kids is supposed to be enjoyable, simple and natural. Let it flow. (btw, i always wanted to be Batman.) Love the column

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