Bonus Burgers, Bears, and Video Dating, Oh My!

It’s a bonus Friday edition of The Sampler, because 1- I have time and 2- I just want to, ok?  I’m hoping to have some fun additions to The Ann Arbor Sampler later this weekend.  Any suggestions for exploration?

As a follow up to happy hour, here is further proof of what’s in the potential Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon pudding.  I’m pretty excited for 2014.

Why Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Would Rock in 5 Clicks (People) – If for no other reason, I got my brilliant pub trivia name, Gary Chutch’s Trivia Enthusiasts, from one of Jimmy’s regular spots, Cupid’s Arrow Video Dating.

Courtesy of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Name That Baby Polar Bear! (Buffalo Zoo) – To add even more fun and cuteness to the situation, the Buffalo Zoo is giving you an opportunity to name their latest addition via Facebook.  The contest runs through March 31st, and please, no stupid submissions.  And Gary Chutch is taken, sorry.

Geoffrey Zakarian’s Top 10 Tips for Making a Better Burger (Food Network Blog) – You know him as the white-haired mean guy on Chopped (as opposed to the brown haired mean guy, or the Latino mean guy).  He apparently knows stuff about gourmet-ifying your burger.  Not a bad read for this weekend’s tournament + beer = fun.


The Weirdest Waters on the Market (The Daily Meal) – In honor of World Water Day, let’s talk agua.  I find any water that’s not really cold or deliciously sparkling to be offensive, ESPECIALLY that flavored nonsense.  Sick.  I guess some people like it, so maybe those people will enjoy this sample.


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