The Truth About Sizzurp Via Lil Wayne, Bruce Willis’ Career, and Your Fav “Healthy” Drinks

I was going to kick off this one with a list of all the latest Hollywood breakups, because damn, there have been a lot (including an off again Katy and John as of blog time), but then I remembered I prefer good news!

Lil Wayne Leaves Hospital (CNN) – I may have been a few sheets to the wind (only because it was a holiday weekend, of course) when my cousin texted to say Lil Wayne was in ICU. We like to keep each other on top of the latest “something terribles” in the world. She also mentioned it may have been caused by an overdose of Sizzurp, which I have in fact sampled in my lifetime. I feel pretty gangsta.

UPDATE: Upon further research, I’m finding the Sizzurp I tasted via my college roommate’s liquor-distributor dad was in fact, not the same Sizzurp the gangstas love? Maybe? I am a little confused. I’d love a clarification from anyone in the know (yes, I mean hardcore druggies.) Your secrets are safe with us.

My super cool experience with Sizzurp looked like this.
It seems Lil Wayne’s Sizzurp experience has more to do with this…


I should have went with the Hollywood breakups. That would have saved us a lot of time. While we’re on the topic of drinks:

8 “Healthy Drinks” That Are Actually Terrible For You (The Daily Meal) – For anyone scared of the large sugary sodas ban- just have some orange juice, ya dyngus! I really hope you caught that reference to Dr. Steve Brule.

10 Best Bruce Willis One-Liners (Hello Giggles) – After being forced… I mean given the opportunity to watch ‘The Last Boy Scout’ this weekend, I realized that Bruce Willis’ career really is just a chain of sassy one-liners. You be the judge.

The Bruce WIllis of my choosing.

Basic Whole Roasted Chicken Recipe (CHOW) – Surprise! It’s National Poultry Day! Woooo!!!! It’s a sobering reminder that I have yet to roast an entire chicken, or any entire bird, for that matter. We have to start somewhere. And if it’s a fail, there’s always grocery store rotisserie (served on your own platter from home, of course.)

A Love Affair With Soft Boiled Eggs (Huffington Post) – I had no relationship with soft boiled eggs until last summer when a friend of mine peaked my interest. Now I’m obsessed, and in forever admiration of the perfect soft boiled egg. I’ve gotten it right about 3 times, without busting it mid-shell peel. Read on if you’re in love with eggs and not afraid to be excited about it.


2 thoughts on “The Truth About Sizzurp Via Lil Wayne, Bruce Willis’ Career, and Your Fav “Healthy” Drinks

  1. Chris says:

    I think the fact that Lil Wayne is always doing these ROBO trips with the cough medicine is goign to lead to even more health issues unless he stops. Those trips can’t be good foryour body and we can’t say that its the reason it happened.. but it def wouldnt hurt to stop getting high on that crap. HE is a good rapper.. maybe the best in my opinion.

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