Bow Down to Glitter Bombs, Alcoholic Bananas, and Bracketology

I’m sorry.  I can’t help it.  #DoubleFeature:

Snapshot: Beyonce for Shape Magazine April 2013 (The Fashion Bomb Blog) – My lady love is at it again.  Some call it overexposure.  I call it amazeballs.  Tomato/tomahtoe.

Beyonce | I Am : Bow Down/I Been On ( – So when I saw the “bow down” picture posted on Bey’s Facebook and Instagram yesterday, even I thought, “K, that’s a little much.”  I got it in a marketing sense- with the whole “trailer” for her new tour and such, but what I didn’t spend enough time looking at was that it was a link to her new song ‘Bow Down’, which I think I may be in love with, but when it switches to ‘I Been On’, it gets a little weird.  Listen here!

Courtesy of


I woke up with uuber anxiety today, for no particular reason.  I actually had stress dreams about not turning in a high school assignment, one about not having the appropriate gluten free items in my lunch box, and something else rather laughable that I can’t remember now.  I think I have to take my own advice and really get into that meditation tonight!  So without further adieu..

Caffeine: How Much is too Much? (Detroit Free Press) – I wondered this myself today when I went for my 2nd coffee, usually an optional treat, today was a must.

Lindsay Lohan Gets Glitter Bombed Arriving Late to Court ( – That is probably the most magical thing that has happened to her in years.

8 Things You Can Turn Into Alcohol (Huffington Post) – What?  You’re not ready to think about alcohol again yet?  Don’t be silly.  While you may not have a Monkey Puzzle Tree in your backyard, you can probably find yourself some parsnips or bananas and get to work.

This shhhh is….

March Madness 2013 Predictions ( – I am less worried about my bracket picks, and more concerned about the fabulous names my brackets will have.  In my group, that is a win- best bracket name.  It may be the only win I have a shot at.

7 Foods to Fight Stress ( – Dark chocolate is number one.  No mistake there.  I know what I’ll be filling my lunch box (both real and dreamed) with tomorrow!


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