A Leprechaun Sighting, Chocolate Guinness Cake, and the Best/Worst Hangover Foods

First, a St. Patrick’s Day tradition for you, my friends.

Leprechaun Sighting in Mobile, Alabama (Youtube) – For as long as I have this blog, I will post this video, every year.  And to think, I almost had to move to Alabama.  I also highly recommend the remix of this incredible news story.



Instead of being out, getting involved in Irish shenanigans, I’ll be prepping you for St. Patrick’s day from my couch, nursing a fresh hangover.  I had a great night out with a friend from home, which was the beginning and the end of my crazy weekend.  Tonight, it’s St. Patty’s themed samples, tomorrow, we’ll pick up the pieces together and get our lives back on track.  Sound like a plan?

Chocolate Stout Cake (Smitten Kitchen) – Guinness does not excite me in any way, but I can envision it being a tasty addition to a chocolate cake.  Let me know how it goes!


8 Irish Whiskies That Aren’t Jameson (The Daily Meal) – It makes me shudder to even say the “w” word after last night.  Proceed with caution.

Irish Cream Cheesecake Brownies (Sweet Peas Kitchen) – This is more my speed.  I think about Irish cream in my coffee most days of the week.  But don’t worry, I chicken out.

The Most Authentic Irish Pubs in America (The Daily Meal) – I don’t happen to live near any of these gems, but would love your take if you’ve been… or pubs that should have made the list, but didn’t.  Send them over!

The Best and Worst Foods to Cure a Hangover (Greatist) – You will need this in the morning.  Trust me, and you’re welcome.


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