Shockers: Kim Kardashian’s Proposal Staged, Colored Denim For All, and NHL Conference Changes!

So this is happening.

Welcome to the Eastern Conference ( – The Detroit Red Wings and the Buffalo Sabres now reside in the same conference.  Let the games begin.

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I hate to do more than one small plate per week, but hey, what do ya know, I actually have a teeny little social life this week.  Aren’t you proud?  Last night, I found out about my freakishly good tap dancing skills, est. 1994.  Hello, new hobby!  This evening, I ventured out and enjoyed UMMA After Hours, which was pretty neat, except for one major problem. That’s right, no wine!  Give the Kelsey a call, and try again next time.

Kim Kardashian’s Proposal Was Reshot & Divorce Scenes Were Scripted (Huffington Post) – I love everything about this article.  I would like to shadow a reality show producer, just for a day.

How to Wear Colored Denim All Year Long (The Beauty Bean) – As I strolled Old Navy on my heavenly, extended lunch break today… I realized something.  I will probably never wear colored denim.  I thought this would never again be something I’d have to consider after 1995, but alas, here we are.  Many thanks to the ladies on FB who made me feel not so alone in this realization.

It’s 3/14 a.k.a PI Day, So Bake Some Pies (Bon Appetit) – If you happen to be an excellent baker AND a super math geek, here ya go.  Dorks!


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