PPP Small Plates : (Popes, Puppies, Players)

The big day is here.  A new pope has been elected!  Now what are we going to talk about?

New Pope Elected.. and Snooki Tweets He’s ‘Adorable’ (ExtraTV) – I picked this headline because I actually Googled, “new pope adorable” and this is what came up.  I was kinda thinking the same thing.  Is that bad for me, that Snooki had the same thought?

Cute, right?


I am literally going to be tap dancing tonight.  I think that’s all I’m really going to preface these small plates with.  Enjoy.

NFL Free Agency Winners and Losers (Bleacher Report) – I needed an update, so I figured you did, too.  Check out if your team is on the first days’ winners and losers list.  Mine isn’t specifically, but I can take a wild guess which one they’d be labeled.  No moves yet.

Meet Khloe and Lamar’s New Pup! (EOnline) – Other than the aforementioned, it’s a slow news day.  Sorry!  You won’t mind as much after you see his sweet little face.  The dog’s.  Not Lamar’s.


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