NFL Free Agent Frenzy, Pinterest Fails, and Kanye’s Being a Big Baby..Again

Plenty going on in the news today- there still isn’t a new pope, and there’s craziness going on in NFL free agency.  Okay, there’s two things in the news today.  Here’s a rundown of the more important one.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Among Big NFL Free Agency Cuts ( – And again, the Buffalo Bills are without a quarterback.  Like always.  Oops.  I forgot, we do have Tarvaris Jackson.  Phew, that was close.



What the hell, Tuesday?  Why are you always so tiring?  Why does it always drop 20 degrees on Tuesday?  Why does it always snow?  I am seeing a pattern, which includes me in my pjs, on the couch, by 7PM.  Not sorry!  No regrets.  Overall, even though it’s Tuesday, things are looking up.  Did you know, that next Wednesday is, truly, the first day of Spring?  See, Tuesday?  You can’t stop us now.

Justin Timberlake on Kanye West’s ‘Suit and Tie’ Diss (Huffington Post) – I didn’t realize these two had a spat going on, which really means I didn’t realize Kanye was throwing another tantrum about something.  I want to like Kanye, and sometimes I do enjoy his music, but I can’t take take anymore bitching from him.  Sorry that Jay Z wasn’t faithful to you, Ye.

All the Jennifer Aniston Wedding Rumors, Rated on Scale of Realness (NY Mag) – I’ve long been “Team Aniston,” from the moment that Brad Pitt left me with a hardened heart.  Jerk.  I want her to be happy forever with this Theroux guy, but I’m going to put it out there now- I don’t fully trust him.  I hope I’m wrong!


Fail: Microwave Cookie ( – I love Pinterest.  You love Pinterest.  We all love Pinterest.  Still, I have tried at least 2-3 recipes, sounding easy and brilliant, that turned out like complete garbage.  It almost spurred me to create a “Pinterest recipes and ideas that don’t work” board.  But that would take effort, so I found this website instead!

Clothing of the Future: 1930s Predictions of 21st Century Fashion (Ecouterre) – This is kind of awesome.  That second dress is pretty much right on with Lady Gaga, 2012.  WTG, 1930s fashionistas!

What to Expect When You’re Expecting… A New Puppy! (HelloGiggles) – Had to post, for myself, for someday.  When the time is right.  Heart constricts.


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