Happy Napping Day, Gentlemen! This One’s (Mostly) For You.

I hope you were able to partake in today’s festivities.

It’s National Napping Day! Celebrate With a Snooze (Blisstree.com) – This might be my favorite holiday, after Christmas.  And yes, I did celebrate this afternoon.

Everyone loves naps!


You never know what’s going to pull you up out of a rainy Monday.  For me, it was a few different things: lunch with a great co-worker, a deep power nap, a good workout, some cooking, a rainbow.  La ti da.  Yes, so shiny.  Hopefully one of these stellar samples will make you see unicorns and sparkles today, too.

7 Things Men Don’t Know About Their Own Bodies (Oprah) – They had me at “breast milk.”  Sexy.

Hyderabadi Chicken (Buffalo Foodie) – Indian food and flavors make me so nervous.  I don’t even know where to start.  This recipe sounds attainable, and after one look at that plate of food, it makes a basic little cook like myself want to take a risk.  Of course, I can’t resist sharing one of my favorite people on the planet with you, whenever possible.

The 16 Pros & Cons of Having a Girl Best Friend (Buzzfeed) – This is another one geared towards the guys, but it is a great reminder why girls are the best in general.  Easy?  No.  The best?  Yes.  This one is dedicated to my best guy friend, “EBay” Comisso.

5 Creative Ways to Open Wine Without a Corkscrew (The Daily Meal) – It’s the worst feeling in the world.  You are sad/cranky/tired/happy and have been dreaming about a glass of wine.  You just moved/are at a park/are tailgating a museum opening and you reach into your tote- nothing.  No corkscrew.  You want to cry and throw things.  Now, you have some other options.

Men: The Blazer You Need (Pinstripesandtweed.com) – Right now, I’m just feelin’ the fellas, and keep finding all kinds of good stuff to share.  This blog features men’s fashion and lifestyle information written right where I am, in Michigan.  Gotta love the locals!  Plus, what guy couldn’t use a little fashion lift, here and there.  Amiright, ladies?

Every girl’s crazy for a sharp dressed man…

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