Discussing Childhood, Mobile Fashion, and Beards for Health and Handsomeness

Your kick start for the week:

Did ‘The View’ Just Lose Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck? (The Daily Beast) – We can hope it did lose that crazy Elisabeth.  She is unbearable to watch.  In the words of Joy, “Who caaahhrees!?”



The Daily Sampler is not the place you come to for serious discussions about Sequestration, electing Popes, or anything political, religious, or upsetting.  It’s a place to sit comfortably in a pile of fluff, and catch up on interesting and fun tidbits online, perhaps with your morning coffee, or perhaps while killing time between work meetings.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t have opinions about the former topics, believe me- I do, but there are enough people in the world shoving their heated opinions in your face, down your throat, and giving everyone the sweats over things that we may not even have much control over.  I’m just not into that.  Still, sometimes I like to explore a little deeper than the latest Hollywood breakup.  SOMEtimes.  So we’ll start this one with something like that.

Over-scheduled Kids, Anxious Parents (CNN.com) – I’m still not a Mom (that I know of), but being in education, I am constantly observing children today and their families, how they operate or don’t operate, and what things make a difference in kids’ lives.  I came from a family that supported us doing what we wanted, and absolutely did not force us to take part in things we had no interest in, just for the sake of doing something.  My brother and I had activities, but we were no kids of 2013, with 2-3 activities and practices per night.  It seems a disservice in a way, especially with really young children, to fill up their days with too many commitments.  We wonder why half the population is on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds.  It’s not fair, and it may be robbing kids of other, just as important things.  I understand the flip side of this argument too, because the other issue is kids that don’t do anything.  Their minds are filled with video games and TV, and the result of that is more upsetting, perhaps.  This will be a debate that will go on ’til the end of time, but for right now, I’m a believer that kids should be allowed to be kids, do what gets them excited, but have built-in time to relax, be creative, and enjoy family time.  Being shuffled to a checklist of endless activities is not all kids should remember about childhood.

Beards Keep You Young, Healthy & Handsome, Says Science (NewNowNext) – Here’s one for the gentlemen out there.  I may be one of the only women in the world who supports and is a fan of male facial hair.  Fully support it, well, to an extent.

Love your beard, Mr. Clooney.
Love your beard, Mr. Clooney.

Dolphins May be Calling Each Other By Name (CNN) – Dolphins are the coolest, and I was lucky enough to witness their strength and grace while swimming with some during my honeymoon last June.  We all know they have their language, but it turns out they are even more personal with each other than originally thought.

Why the Online ‘Daily Deals’ Craze Fizzled (CNN) – CNN is chock full of interesting stuff this weekend.  You know you are one of them.  You wake up every morning to an inbox full of Groupons and Living Socials for massages and trips you’ll never take and $10 off a $20 meal at some bar.  It’s annoying.  Maybe once a month there is something worthy.  If you’re lucky like me, you’ll just have friends send you direct links and do your Groupon-ing for you!

The Country’s Coolest Mobile Fashion Trucks (Lucky Magazine) – You’ve all heard of and hopefully sampled local food trucks by now.  The latest thing, fashion trucks, bringing all kinds of style to your doorstep.  Or your gas station.  Or your grocery store.  You get the idea.


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