Rant of the Month : Grow Up Taylor Swift!

Really, Taylor?  Is she trying to lose respectable fans over the age of 12?  I really used to think Taylor Swift was a cool girl.  Sweet, innocent, an actual songwriter, and tongue-in-cheek country pop (about the only kind of country I can handle.)  Then, she started complaining about every male she’s ever met.  Okay, cute and girl power-y for a while.  Then it became apparent to me that maybe the guys being attacked in every TS song weren’t to blame, and it didn’t help that those songs were literally played at least once an hour, on almost any station format you could imagine.  The line in the sand is now drawn, forever, against woe-is-me Taylor Swift.


Nearly 2 months after the Golden Globes (living under a rock, Tay?) she decides she is angry about a Tina Fey-Amy Poehler joke requesting that she stay away from Michael J. Fox’s teenage son, aka Mr. Golden Globe.  That’s the kid of a famous person that shuffles people off stage.  It was funny, people laughed.  I believe there was even talk after the show that Taylor addressed, that she was not in fact interested in MJF’s son.  Yet now, NOW, she is pissed at the “inappropriate” Golden Globe material.  What’s worse, is that my least favorite TV personality, Katie Couric, gave Taylor some comfort by saying, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.”  Let me respond by saying: OMG.  On behalf of all women with a sense of humor, especially women that don’t appreciate you taking over the 3PM timeslot on ABC for your crappy talk show, Katie- shut the F up!


The best part of my rant is how my favorite comedic ladies responded to Taylor’s panty twist.

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler Respond to Taylor Swift and “Hell” Comment (LA Times) – Please make special note of Amy.  I LOLed for that one.


So, to conclude this month’s rant, may I please ask Taylor Swift to grow up, or find new ways to generate publicity?  We are all losing patience.


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