Great News! Baby Polar Bears, There IS Produce in Season, and Princess Kate’s Having a…

It’s Wednesday!  Get some of this goodness:

Baby Polar Bear Makes Debut at Buffalo Zoo (Buffalo News) – Props to my hometown for plastering the world with these videos and pictures.  We need more news stories like this on our radars!



Sometimes when I get funky, I bounce back stronger than ever, for a few days at least.  I guess that’s one of those examples when you should be thankful for struggles, because it makes the good stuff even better and more appreciated.  Wow.  See how philosophical I am after an AM workout?  I love having my evenings free.  It’s just getting past those painful 15 minutes of complete anger and disbelief that I have to leave my bed at 6 and venture into the cold, dark morning.  After that, it’s a breeze.  Keep the tide rolling!  Keep on, keepin’ on, and all that.

Kate Middleton Hints She’s Having a Baby Girl (US Magazine) – It could be a royal slip of the “d” word… daughter, or maybe England is hanging on to any non-economic failure story they can get their hands on.  Can’t blame ’em.  Don’t act like you didn’t watch the royal wedding!


What Fruits and Vegetables are in Season in March? ( – I love this post, because I’m always wondering the same thing.  In the long winter months, when you live somewhere in the middle of the country, you can’t help but feel wrong eating a nectarine.  I want to be as in-season as possible, and this list is quite helpful!

16 New Books to Pick Up in March ( – Another frequent dilemma of mine: finding a new read that I can’t put down.  That is actually my only requirement.  Trouble is, I am a fiction snob and think most books are crap.  Maybe Oprah can continue saving us from our own bad-literature instincts.

10 Best Chain Restaurant Happy Hours (The Daily Meal) – I just don’t get people.  Try as you may to explain to the average folk that they can get better priced meals that are actually delicious, and GASP…not frozen, and they still want to wait 2 hours to go to the Olive Garden.  Silly people!  Eat local, robots!  Then, I think about how cheap Applebees‘ happy hour deals are, and shrug.  Do what you must.


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