Two for Tuesday Small Plates

I spend most of my day thinking about writing this blog.  I love finding funny stories, interesting posts, delicious recipes, and juicy gossip all day long, and bookmarking it for later.  This project could easily consume hours, if this were my full time job.  If I have energy for nothing else, I always still have energy for a little sampling.  Then, there are days like today, when I don’t even have energy for that.  Long story short (more like medium), here are your small plates for Tuesday.  We can keep it fun and call it “Two for Tuesday,” like I planned it that way.

Comfort Food Alternatives (The Daily Meal) – When some people are stressed, they turn to exercise (bastards).  Some people turn to sex (smarter).  Some people turn to comfort foods (me).  At least turn to these alternatives so you don’t feel as guilty as I do this evening!

Carly Rae Jepsen/Nine Inch Nails Mashup (Entertainment Weekly) – I actually am going to listen to this as soon as I post.  Computer dying.  But I imagine it’s going to bring the world to a halt, whether I enjoy it or not.  It just feels right for today.


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