Passing the Torch to Jimmy Fallon, the Hunt for Twentysomething Perfection, and I’m Ron Burgundy?

If you’re feeling as Monday-beat as I am, you are probably going to need to take a look at this.

Sneak Peak: Will Ferrell Back as Ron Burgundy ( – And not a moment too soon.



I’m tired folks, and am going to hand these over to you quickly in an effort to still have time for my latest Crock Pot endeavor, dishes, and gathering materials for my new-name passport.  A lady’s work is never done!

Jimmy Fallon to Take Over ‘Tonight Show’ in 2014 (Newsday) – And it’s about time!  These are just speculations at this point, but I’ve never, ever understood any of Jay Leno‘s popularity.  I’ve been a Letterman/Conan/Fallon, and now even Kimmel fan over Jay Leno, times 100, any night.  I heard some radio host today commenting on how Leno’s humor has been the “safe, vanilla, boring” kind for at least a decade now.  I would be nervous to see what the 11:30 time slot would do to Fallon.  I’m not sure it’s quite the same… but I welcome it, because he’s the best.

Crock Pot Sesame Honey Chicken (Skinnytaste) – In case you were wondering what feast I’ll be slaving over after this post, here it is.  Or not.  Then keep scrolling.

Twentysomething Indy – Online Lifestyle Magazine ( – I do not live in Indianapolis, and I’m scarily close to not being a twentysomething anymore, but I find this page intriguing because I am, in fact, on the hunt for a women’s lifestyle blog that reflects my kind- late twenties, with interests in fashion, entertainment, entertaining, home style and decor, wellness stuff, etc.  Like, a blog Carrie Bradshaw might create if she were 28 and recreating herself, or something.  I’m not sure it exists, but my search continues…

What Do You Really Want to Do with Your Life? ( – Many of us are still asking this, and many of us will continue searching until the ends of the Earth.  Too dramatic for a Monday?  Sorry.  This sample has some great stories of people who have gone from publishing executive to sailor (really), and so on.  Inspirado.

First Woman in History Tries Out for NFL (Bleacher Report) – I thought this was an awesome story, and it still is.  The first woman with real hopes to be an NFL kicker.  Unfortunately, it comes with today’s update that Lauren Silberman probably did not make the cut, and may have also injured herself.  Super bummer.  Go on ahead and scroll back up to that Crock Pot recipe, ladies.


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