Catching Up with Marilyn Monroe, Salads That Aren’t Stupid, and Trying Not to Sink This Titanic

It’s a fabulous Sunday, and I can say that because my house is clean, the sun is (a little) shining, and my biggest projects will be grocery shopping for healthy food items and spinning class.  Every Sunday should be this simple.  You may notice I mention the sun a lot.  I don’t really know when I became so obsessed, having lived in sunshine-lacking, 5 months of winter states my entire life.  It’s probably my ripe old 28 years on Earth that’s making me less tolerate of endless days of grey.  I know Spring is coming, but let’s just go all out and tease ourselves.  I can vouch for #2, #8, and unfortunately, #11.

17 Beaches We’d Like to Be Lounging On (CNN) – Just take it with a grain of salt.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia. Been there, done that.
Whitehaven Beach, Australia. Been there, done that.


I’ve been a busy little bee, so I have a lot of samples to catch you up on!  Here we go, friends.

4 Marilyn Monroe Quotes You’re Taking the Wrong Way (Thought Catalog) – I just found this and thought it was amusing.  So many people (women) obsess over Marilyn Monroe and think she was the ideal of beauty, class, talent, etc.  I’ll admit, I appreciate her “real girl” curves and think society should bring those back, but I also think a lot of people are confused about what Marilyn was really like.  I’ll go out on a limb and say if she were in her prime today, she would be the Lindsay Lohan of the celebrity world.  She was a troubled gal.  Do some more research, before you quote away!

8 Super Salads (Eat This, Not That- Men’s Health) – We tend to go to a restaurant and order the chop salad, or the Caesar, and think we are doing right by our diets and healthy lifestyle goals.  I am guilty of this from time to time.  Most times, you’re better off eating a burger!  Here are 8 salads that are healthier, but not boring.  Important!

A Week in the Life of Editor-in-Chief of Food Network Magazine (Huffington Post) – Finding myself daydreaming about a more fulfilling career, I think a lot about what some dream jobs might be.  This would be a pretty cool one- combining food, writing, magazine culture.  Interesting but cray!

Titanic II Interior Plans Revealed (ABC Blog) – This sample is dedicated to my brother, Tony.  He knows why.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Take Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring with Scarves (Who What Wear) – If you don’t love scarves, you may be an alien.  Here are some bright suggestions and maybe even alternate tying strategies.  I need lessons.

6 Clever Tips to Make Your Small Apartment Look Larger (Inhabitat) – If your abode is a 700 square foot (or smaller) series of walls, this sample is for you.  These are the smallest of the small NYC apartments, and if they can do it, think what you can do if you have 1,100 square feet!


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