It’s Time to Hug Jason Segel, Get Tipsy With Mandela, and Start a New TV Series

I don’t usually prefer to start with what I’d call “not great news”, but just saw this, felt sad.

Michelle Williams, Jason Segel Split (US Magazine) – I’ve always enjoyed Jason Segel, and wanted the best for Michelle after the Heath Ledger thing. Plus, Jason and I are old friends. I want to see him happy.

Jason Segel and yours truly.
Wasn’t my best hair day. His either.


Here we are again, anxiously awaiting the results of the latest “blizzard” to hit “19+ states” at the same time. So dramatic. It counts for everything tonight. It being the cleanliness of my home and whether or not I will finish my laundry. It’s not a bad perk of the day job, what can I say? Or is it the only perk…. hmmmmmm…? With such ambitious plans for tonight and tomorrow, I thought I’d give you some ambitious ideas to work with, too.

Homemade Sweet Potato Ravioli (Pop Goes Boston) – This actually sounds more manageable thanks to the wonton wrappers, but if you are feeling mighty Italian, I dare you to try it with homemade pasta. Triple dog dare you. Then tell me if you think I could handle it.

Family Photo Bookshelf Project (A Beautiful Mess) – When it comes to crafts and home decor, I imagine myself as a whimsical, talented creator. In reality, anything above thumbtacking something to a wall gets me nervous. Craftiness does not run through my veins. My living room bookshelf was about the biggest project I could handle, and I’m pretty proud of it! I love this blog for many reasons, but I really like their bookshelf project. It’s all about the people in your life, after all. It can be clean/modern AND meaningful.

Courtesy of

8 Surprise Reasons You are Still Tired ( – I’ve explored most of these reasons, so don’t get too excited when you think your thyroid might be to blame. It may be, or maybe you should have some B12, you crazy vegan. Sorry. I mostly curse my 3 day stint (okay 2.5 day stint) as a vegan.

Nelson Mandela’s Family Launches Wine Company (The Daily Meal) – Just when you’re feeling productive because you vacuumed, you find out that former president and political reformer Mandela’s family is now taking on wine-making. That’s probably all I’d be interested in doing after dealing with years of strife, too.

12 Great TV Shows You Should Start Watching (Thought Catalog) – It’s always on my to do list to start a new TV show, seeing as some of my favorites have ended, some I’m still mourning even though they’ve been gone more than a year. (I’ll never forget you LOST!) Being snowed in, sick, or injured (or all of the above) is a great excuse to dive in.


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