Sun Whores Unite for Spring Pantones, James Beard Nominees, and Thai Chicken Quinoa

I hope you joined me last night for Oscars Live Sampling. It’s all fun and games until you fall up the stairs when collecting your best actress award. Or until your Nyquil kicks in. Was everyone happy with the results? What did you think of Seth MacFarlane? Look, I may be biased, but I’d give him a 5 out of 10, at best. Super funny? No. Outrageous and offensive? I guess, at times. Charming? When he was in “I need to tone it down mode.” Mostly it seemed like he floated through, relying on others to pull him onward. You know my nomination for next year, and he has everything you could ask for in an award show host, as he proved at the Emmys. Jimmy Fallon, please! Until then, let’s check in with general feedback.

Seth MacFarlane’s Oscars a Self-Indulgent Mix (USA Today) – Self indulgent. I like that.


I am a sun whore. It’s so crazy how just a hint of sunshine makes everything better. I must truly be one of those people who needs to invest in one of those overpriced depression lights for the winter months. Somehow, I can’t believe it would deliver the same effects. Today was a rare Michigan February day with the sun fully blaring, the entire sky blue, with a balmy 43 degrees on the thermometer. If someone had dared me to go streaking, I probably would have. It’s even more precious because I looked at the next 4 days…


Awesome. Honestly, that has how my entire winter has felt. So yeah, have to make the most of it! Despite my need for new boots and another winter jacket, I am looking forward to spring. Punxsutawney Phil said I could..


Spring 2013 Fashion Color Trends ( – It’s here, the pantone color chart of shades you can expect to see in everything from clothes to furniture to paint. I’ve already seen nectarine EVERYWHERE. And I’m all right with it! Also fun to take the color survey and find your personal perfect color. I already know- mine is black.

2013 James Beard Semi-Finalists ( – Aren’t you dying to know if you are near any of this year’s finalists? If so, please treat yourself and let us know what you think! These are some of the country’s freshest, most innovative chefs and restaurants. It looks like I’ll be driving at least a few hours to get to anyone worthy.

Billionaire U: The 15 Colleges With the Richest Alums (Huffington Post) – See yours on the list? You may notice #1… obviously this tally was not taken with Education grads included. Psh.

Touching Moment: HS Basketball Team Helps Team Manager Score (NY Daily News) – It’s never a bad time for a great story and an uplifting video. Also a reminder that high school is not just a place for douchey teenagers.

Thai Chicken Quinoa (How Sweet It Is) – Back on the recommitment to health and gluten free, and all that jazz (not the Catherine Zeta Jones version), I was happy to stumble upon this awesome recipe from How Sweet It Is. I gotta have more quinoa!

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