Your 2013 Oscar Sampler Platter with a Side of Reality Gossip

BREAKING: Kanye and Kim Expecting a Girl (News.Com.Au) – Knew it.  Girls blow you up, boys give you a glorious glow and a svelte pregnancy aura.  Much like how the rest of life plays out, moms vs. daughters, moms + sons forever.  It’s not confirmed yet, but it’s real.  Just wait.

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Lights! Cameras! Hollywood!  It’s the big night.  Are you throwing a swank Oscar party?  I’m celebrating from my couch, with debilitating back pain.  That may sound a tad bitter, and I am, naturally.  I spent my entire January and most of February with various colds and stomach flus, and now my body has become sad and weak enough for round 3 of serious lower back pain.  You could say I’ve had some obstacles.  The biggest award will go to my very patient husband.  Shout out to you, my love!  Lucky for him and everyone else, I am a lady bound by relentless determination to shed the funk and keep moving forward.  Please accept my offer of these Hollywood-themed samples while I gather even more motivational pieces for this week.  We will prevail.  And do have some bubbly for me.


Celebrity Oscar Speeches: The Cringeworthy (Huffington Post) – It’s hard to forget the Angelina.  That’s some brotherly love.  Yikes.

Pepper-Glazed Goat Cheese Gratin (Food & Wine) – Once you’ve had oozy, gooey, baked goat cheese, you won’t ever feel the need to make a traditional cheese plate again.  Trust me, your guests will not miss it!

The Oscar Curse: Why Anne Hathaway May Want to Lose That Oscar (The Frisky) – Just like the Madden Curse, I am a superstitious believer in the unfortunate unfolding of events that seem to plague so many best actress winners.  Just say no thanks, Anne!

12 Ways to Spice Up Popcorn for Oscar Night (The Daily Meal) – My personal favorite is butter spray mixed with Frank’s Hot Sauce.  It’s the Buffalo in me.

2013 Oscar Fashion Predictions (My Fashion Weekly) – I do not pretend to think I will be able to guess the award winners tonight, but I did want to see if there were more predictions for “rogue leg” syndrome (thanks a lot Jolie), or something entirely different.  Just from the pre-red carpet coverage I’m seeing, I see a lot of sleek gowns with equally sleek “add ons”, almost like sculptures.  Pointy peplums, cross-chest pieces of material.  Artwork.  We shall see.


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