Late Night’s Cutthroat Feud, Blake Lively Fashion Favorites, The Luke Wilson of Wine, and Farewell Lindy Ruff

It isn’t lower back pain or being hungover that is keeping me in Buffalo one last night, but that good old fashioned excuse of inconvenient winter weather.  Today was pretty much a wasted one, yet a great opportunity for some in-depth sampling.  Top news: it’s National Margarita Day!  I should probably commence with the margarita imbibing, since 2 Aleves just aren’t working for me, or my lower spine.

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Drink Up! It’s National Margarita Day (NY Daily News) – Salted rim, on the rocks, sil vous plait.


Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon Sing “Ivory and Ivory” (Buzzfeed) – If you’ve been following one of late night’s most heated relationships, you’ll be dying to know the latest between the once “BFFs for 6 months,” now “Worst enemies for 6 months.”  This is love/hate if I’ve ever seen it.

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Jay Z and Justin Timberlake Reveal Full Stadium Tour (Billboard) – Another crushing blow to my fantastical summer in Italy 2013.  I will not only miss my DMB and Beyonce fix, but now the Legends of Summer Tour as well.  Wahhhh.  First-World problems cry.  I hope you can go in my stead.

Guest Editor Blake Lively’s Fashion Picks for Spring (Who What Wear) – What I miss about Gossip Girl is the following: the first season, the breaking of new music and artists, and the fashion.  It was fashion I could never afford, but observe long enough to copy in a very affordable manner.  Blake guest stars on WWW and shares her favorite must-haves that you can then duplicate via Target or something.

Caramel Macchiato Cookies (Country Cleaver) – I have had such a serious sweet tooth the last 2 weeks and I could eat a batch of these in about 25 minutes.  I’d need milk, obviously and probably would throw in some dark chocolate chunks into the mix, as well.

The Luke Wilson of Wine, Not Quite the Leading Grape (Food & Wine) – Love this article and I love a good Barbera!  I sampled my first Barbera in Rome, in honor of a good friend of mine with the same last name.  And it was delish!  This post includes a list of moderately priced options to try.

Lindy Ruff Shows Class, Heart, Sense of Humor in Press Conference (Die By the Blade) – As a follow up to the shocking Buffalo sports news this week, Lindy Ruff bid WNY farewell in a press conference this morning where he once again reminded us why we loved him as head coach for so many years.  Bittersweet!  Thanks for everything you’ve done for our community, Lindy.  You will be missed.



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