Buffalo Sabres Let Go of Lindy Ruff, Even Pregnant Girls Need a Waistline, and the Food Truck Explosion

Something I noticed while out shopping today (B1G1 pants at NY&Co, friends!) is the over-availability of flowing, wispy shirts that aren’t just long, but wide.  Who?  Who may I ask looks good in garments like these?  Just your typical 85 lb. preteen?  I don’t get it.  I like the idea of a cute, flowing blouse and skinny jeans, but if you’re 5’9 like me with a little meat on your bones and your, ahem, upper area… it’s just not going to cut it.  As a show of my regret for the Rant of the Month, I’ll give kudos to Kim Kardashian for explaining why certain ladies can’t pull off this look.

Kim Kardashian Pregnant Photo Shoot (Style News-People) – Especially certain pregnant ladies.  I’m not saying let your tatas hang out, just add a little cinch to that waist.  That means you, Jessica Simpson.


I am enjoying myself too much this week.  It’s probably not healthy.  I guess that’s the perk of being in love with/living less than 5 hours from your home.  I think I just need to see it as a perk and not a hardship.  And that is today’s out loud, blogosphere therapy session.  How much do I owe you all?  While you tally up my bill, check out these samples, that yes, include some Buffalo-centric links.

Buffalo Eats Guide to Food Trucks (Buffalo Eats) – I love the food truck boom and how WNY now has !13! food trucks roaming the streets with a wide variety of cuisines.  I am going to dedicate one trip next time just to eating at food trucks.  I have been a huge fan of Lloyd Taco Truck since they debuted in 2010 (who isn’t?) but am also eager to devote more time to sampling the newbies!

Courtesy of thefoodtruckmarket.com

11 Original Casting Choices That Will Weird You Out (Thought Catalog) – This post is fascinating.  I think it’s super weird to see any movies/TV shows with weird original cast members, alternate endings, original hosts, etc.  You’ll like this one. It may blow your mind.

Balancing Acts (Under the Oaks) – When I read this blog, it felt like I was reading my own brain.  If you’ve ever felt like at one time you were functioning at an impressively high level, and now you’re kind of tossing around to-do lists for whenever you get to them, this post will be very comforting to you.  It was to me.

Alicia Keys: My Son Gave Blue Ivy a Kiss (ET Online) – And Daddy Jay was none too happy about it!

BREAKING: Buffalo Sabres Fire Head Coach Lindy Ruff (Buffalo News Blog) – Whoa.  This is huge. This just unfolded as I typed.  Stay tuned, fans.  I am too far out of the Sabres loop to know what people think about this.  Lindy was the longest reigning NHL coach of the moment, 16 years.  Certainly the end of an era.  Sad!

Courtesy of allbuffalosportsblog.wordpress.com

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