Don’t Mess With Kelly Clarkson, Put on Your Printed Pumps, and Get Your Harlem Shake On

I’ve always been a fan of Kelly Clarkson.  The girl has serious talent, and is among the 3-4 American Idol contestants that really had the “it” factor, and well-deserved success.  Does anyone even watch that garbage show anymore?  It should have ended last season, at the latest.  Anyways- apparently Clive Davis has come out with an memoir where he admits to bisexual relations, among other things, including a bashing of Kelly Clarkson as an artist.  Kelly has already come back swinging, and I think it’s pretty awesome and ballsy.

Don’t Mess With Texas: Kelly’s Words for Clive (Marquee Blog) – Yeah!  So take that!

Courtesy of Rolling Stone


Well, it happened.  I cut my hair.  I cut maybe 2 inches off.  It probably looks the same.  It feels a hell of a lot lighter, and so do I.  Maybe it’s the haircut, or the color, or the coffee and sushi with some of my best friends, but this is the stuff that Tuesdays should be made of, in my opinion.  Always.  I hope you’re enjoying your Tuesday just as much.  Here’s the goods:

We Ate Lays 3 New Flavors and Lived to Tell About It (Buffalo Eats) – Aren’t you curious about the new flavors?  Take the guessing out of it and read this post.  PS, dinner isn’t for an hour and I’m starving.  There will be more food samples to follow.

Courtesy of BizBeatBlog

Shop Printed Pumps (Who What Wear) – I cannot carry a print.  It’s too much for all 5’9 of me.  I do prefer a splash here and there, a purse, shoes, a scarf.  So I liked the idea of this article.  I do not support, however, the full outfit of prints that match or are clashing.  I’m sorry, that never looks good, even if Fashion Week tells you it does!

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre People (James Altucher) – Mediocrity is underrated.  Aren’t we all shooting for some kind of upper-mediocre existence?  Does that sound depressing?  If so, read on.  James Altucher is an author and all around honest/funny guy.  Make sure you get to the Tupac story.  It’s a good one.

Baked Blueberry Coconut Oatmeal (Two Peas & Their Pod) – I am always looking for more interesting breakfasts, since you HAVE to eat breakfast now or forego your right to complain about how you’re unhealthy or not losing weight.  Oatmeal is still on the fine line for me when I’m being a good gluten-free girl, but deep down, I love it mixed up with some tasty ingredients.  This one sounds like a winner.

Meet Baauer, the Man Behind the Harlem Shake (The Daily Beast) – All I’ve seen anywhere is this Harlem Shake business, and I have to admit something: I have not watched one HS video.  I hate internet videos, and hate them even more when someone tries to suggest I watch one.  I was interested in finding out where this latest craze came from, and am ready to take bets on how long this one will stick around for (I’ll guess 8 weeks.)


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