New Babies, Bad Fashion, Crazy Eyebrows, and Ombres Galore

I forget how nice it is to have things that are shiny and new, or like-new.  As a very lucky owner of an incredibly generous hand-me-down Toyota, I am pretty excited to have a car that is clean, smells nice, and the best part: is *hopefully* less likely to break down in the middle of Canada.  We’ve had MORE than our share of car problems over the last 2 years!  So to keep with the shiny and new theme, Congratulations to Josh and Fergie on your shiny new lil pea.

Fergie is Pregnant! (People) – I know what you’re thinking, I thought it too.  She is not 50.  She is 37.  Whoops.


Vacation is so, so sweet, even if you’re not on a tropical island somewhere.  My biggest project this week is deciding on a hairstyle.  I’m a gal guilty of never doing anything interesting.  You will never see me with the latest sheik bob or anything.  I prefer long hair, but it does get old after awhile.  Bear with me as I explore long to shoulder length cuts with an assortment of color possibilities.  One pet peeve: when googling something like, “long haircuts, 2013” and I get the same Jessica Simpson hairstyle from 2005.  Annoying.  Therefore, I’ll also accept suggestions.

Celebrity Hairstyle Pics (Redbook) – You want curly, it’s here.  You want Halle Berry pixie?  They’ve got that too.  If I don’t find something here, I might just go platinum Miley Cyrus.  Out of ideas.


Best Ombre Hair (Style Bistro) – The ombre has grown on me.  Not the wild, blatantly obvious bleach on red or anything, but the subtle, face framing kind.  If it is done right, I think it’s really pretty!  This fun page let’s you vote on who does it better.  Weekday games!  Weee!

Khloe Kardashian Fired From XFactor (Radar Online) – I love KoKo, and although I don’t watch the XFactor (unbearable), I kind of wanted her to succeed.  I think it’s good for her to have a little project on the side of her Lammy Lam-Lam.  I know how it feels to not have a hobby- not fun!  She should find something that doesn’t involve pretending to be friends with Mario Lopez.  On a side note, I think Khloe should bring back the ombre hair.  My hair search has revealed it’s much softer for her than all dark, I prefer it!

Rihanna’s Fashion Line Gets Bad Reviews (People Style News) – On the other hand, I could care less if Rihanna finds success in the world of fashion.  I think it’s her insistence on Chris Brown that is turning me off.  Also, I would consider her a style icon about as much as I do Ke$ha.

Hollywood’s Best Arches: Eyebrows and Brow Shaping (Elle) – For some damn reason, everyone wants Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows.  When she first made them over within the last 6-8 months, I thought, EEK.  This is 2013, not 1981.  All of a sudden, they took up her whole face.  I like a medium thickness brow, definitely a little thicker than my over-plucking days in the early 2000’s, but not quite Madonna ’84.  Do what works for your face, ladies!




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