My Mom is Famous, Italy is Calling, and Josh Groban Wants You on Sex Pills

And now, the debut of my famous Mom!  She doesn’t prefer that I shout it from the rooftops, but I am pretty excited that she was featured in this month’s Buffalo Spree magazine: The Cocktail Issue.  In a feature by Nina Barone, my Mom discusses why a perfectly made dirty martini is her drink of choice.  Extra olives, please!

I Drink, Therefore I Am (Buffalo Spree) – Oh yeah, there are other people in this article, too.



It’s been a better-than-normal Sunday.  I had coffee, watched some sports, hung out with the hubs and my family in the same square footage, saw the new homes of some of my favorite people, ate too much, watched lots of Beyonce, and don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow morning.  It’s a good feeling, well, except for the overeating part.  Details!  I plan to spend the next few days in my beloved Western New York, but I’ll try really hard not to spend the entire week waxing poetic.  How, how, how do I capture this feeling I have in my other home, in Michigan?  I’m obsessed with figuring it out.  My other new obsession will be all things Italian culture.  In 5 months, I will be adventuring through southern Italy and I’ve got a lot of work to do before that time.  PS- Unrelated: I just heard there are 3 weeks until daylight savings time.  There is light ahead!  Wooo!

Italy From the Inside – A fun place to start.  This blog features a super cute family living in Washington state, hailing from Trieste, Italy that genuinely love using social media to bring you insider tips about traveling in Italy, cooking Italian, and speaking the language.  Their kids even have a podcast for other kids learning about the country.  Love!

Josh Groban’s Sex Pills Make You WAY Better at Sex (Huffington Post) – I am posting this just because it’s funny.  I have a greater appreciation for Josh Groban after seeing him on Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job.


Maker’s Mark Won’t Water Down Whiskey, After All (CNN) – You better watch it Maker’s.  Watch yourself now.  What the world needs now isn’t watered down whiskey!  It’s love, sweet love.  Duh.

Skinny Lemon Glazed Chicken (Skinny Kitchen) – After a weekend (okay, week +) of sweets, cakes, and more sweets, it’s time to get back on track.  I will be looking for easy, healthy recipes to cook for my Buffalo family this week in an effort to get us all headed in the right direction.  This one is incredibly simple.

The 10 Things You’ll Do Once You Start Yoga (Recovering Yogi) – I clicked on this one thinking it would be an inspirational beginning to my fresh start yoga practice tomorrow.  Turns out, it’s a funny, but likely true, list of experiences you may have once you get yoga-obsessed.  I ran into a guy this weekend who has lost 12 lbs. just by doing yoga, in like a month.  Hence, my favorite on this list is #3.


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