Small Plates of Buffalove

Back in my homeland, I feel like me. I think that’s one reason I’ve had a hard time “moving on,” because I know who I am in Buffalo. People know who I am am, for better or worse, and I can just be a lot easier. I like running into people I know when I walk into the grocery store. I like buying a new car from one of my closest high school friends. I like making plans to see a group of 10 of my favorite people at a bar I “grew up in.” (I had an awesome fake ID!) For as much as I love adventure and traveling, I like these comforts just as much. So the question is, how do I enjoy home and still move on, and be that same person in a different city? Four years later, I’m still not totally sure.

Thanks for indulging my Buffalove introspective. I get deep after a few Mighty Tacos.

Will someone please get me this on a shirt, stat?

KegWorks Blog : 60,000 Bottle Caps (KegWorks) – One of my favorite Buffalo companies puts 60,000 bottle caps on their wall in “2 minutes.” Super cool way to fill 459 square feet of blank wall space, if you ask me.

Shopping with a Stylist: 5 for 50 in the Elmwood Village ( – When I imagine a perfect day, it’s summer, warm but not too humid, and I’m walking with an iced Spot Coffee around the Elmwood Village, browsing, shopping, enjoying. It’s my fantasy because if it’s summer, it’s usually too humid, and I am intimidated of boutique shopping with my post-graduate school, pre-home buying budget. I like Molly’s column because she shows me that I can, in fact, return home from my fantasy with 5 items and not break the bank.

Great Dates: Urban Walking Date (Buffalo Foodie) – I love her, and you will love her too. Nina Barone, aka Buffalo Foodie provides tips for an affordable, memorable Buffalo-flavored date with your sweetie. Just like my birthday, I try to stretch out Valentine’s Day for a week or more. Start planning!

In Da Buff ( – A Buffalo guy, blogging about Buffalo things. What’s not to like?

Flagrant City ( – A site for the under appreciated artists, musicians, theater, etc. Super cool.


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