Going Gluten-Free on a Day You Shouldn’t Eat Protein and Other Tales

Well.  How did you enjoy the State of the Union?  The college basketball?  Didn’t watch either?  Same here.  The Michigan basketball game got too damn painful, and as much as I love Mr. POTUS, the headache I was sporting didn’t seem to be interested in two hours of politics.  So for everyone else that is also playing catch-up, here is a rundown of what you did and did not miss.  One thing you didn’t miss was Joe Biden’s bloody devil eye.  Eek.


The State of the Union in 10 Headlines (NPR) – Pick your favorite media outlet and proceed with your already-formed beliefs.  From what I did see, I think he kicked ass.  But obviously, I won’t be clicking on the Fox News headline!

Let’s All Watch Marco Rubio’s Panicked Drink of Water (Deadspin) – Like the show itself, I missed the rebuttal, but immediately saw the angry postings about lies, lies, lies!  And, the awkward water sip, which I think is the most entertaining part of the whole evening.



Luckily, my rough night didn’t turn into a rough week, as you can see from my early morning post.  The first-thing workout is something I believe in, though it can be hard to follow through with.  I think life improves at least 50% at 5PM when you remember that you already worked out.  Victory!  Upon realizing today is the start of Lent (I’m a stellar lapsed Catholic,) I felt as if I should take the 40 day challenge and give something up.  It made the most sense to re-devote myself to the gluten-free lifestyle, because while I’m not a Celiac, I definitely am sensitive.  Life without gluten is a less painful one, though sometimes my love of delicious, chewy pastas and pizzas get the best of me.  #Italian4eva.  So, that will be a focus over the next 40 days.  Special note to self: you will be famished all day long after a morning workout, and ham roll ups and cucumbers will no longer do the trick at lunch.  I fell victim to an Espresso Royale yogurt parfait… with granola.  I’m sorry!

How to Live Gluten-Free (Gluten-Free Girl) – GFG is a really great resource that I’ve just scratched the surface of.  This article is a great place to start, because she shares how her 6 year journey has totally changed her life.  This is the stuff that hope is made of!  Woo hoo!

Ann Arbor Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurants (Urbanspoon) – It’s really helpful to know where you can go for a “safe” meal.  Many restaurants have become GF aware and savvy.  I am guilty of rarely trying GF options, because usually, I’m at a restaurant for a reason: carbs and a good time.  I have to keep reminding myself that is NOT THE POINT!  Urbanspoon should have listings for your town, too.

How to go Gluten-Free (Gluten-Free Goddess) – Another great spot, I love that this entry gives you the up front list of haves and have nots.  The real trick is finding convenience products you can enjoy.  That’s been another major issue of mine- I try, I hate, I eat only eggs for a while, I take a break from GF living.  Repeat.


Lent/Meatless Recipes (Food & Wine) – For the rest of you lapsed Catholics not concentrating on all things protein, here’s some things that mainly involve everyone’s favorite food group: cheese, baby!  Yeah!


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