Please Your Valentine with Paczki, Beer, and a New Pair of Drop Earrings

It was a shocking Monday in more ways than one.  I was gifted an unnecessary snow day (but always welcome!)  The Pope resigned (he was no JPII).  It’s been a year since Whitney Houston died.  John Mayer feels like he’s in an adult relationship.  Things like that.

Bye Bye Benedict (The Guardian)

RIP Whitney (Idolator)

John Mayer’s Very Human Relationship (People)



This week is chock full of stuff.  Tomorrow is Mardi Gras.  Thursday is Valentine’s Day.  There’s lots to prepare for.

Paczki Recipe (Serious Eats) – Paczki is not my thing.  I’m not Polish, nor do I enjoy jelly messing with my fried breads.  Creepy.  For those of you that do, here ya go.

Top 3 Beer-Related Ways to Please Your Man on VDay (Kegworks) – From my friends with what I consider to be the best jobs in America, great ideas for ladies who aren’t sure how to please their man…with beer, that is.

Drop Earrings (Who What Wear) – Great fashion and lifestyle site with a brand new look.  What better way to kick it off than with the skinny on drop earrings.  What’s hot, what’s too much, what can you actually afford from their display?  Me?  Nada.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Power Ballads (97 Rock) – My friends at 96.9 in Buffalo put together this video compilation of the best power ballads in time for Valentine’s Day.  Or, you can be lame and listen to Taylor Swift or something.



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