Colbert Toasts the Heroic Hitchhiker, CBS Says No to Grammy Side Boob, and Justin Bieber is no Justin Timberlake

Ah a fresh new week. I want to start it off by sharing a real gem that many of you may have already seen. I’d like to share it with you through the eyes of the great Stephen Colbert.

Kai, the Heroic Hitchiker (Colbert Nation) – SaMASH! So good.



It’s award show season. Tonight, the Grammy Awards, which leads me to the question, “Does anyone still watch the Grammys?” Maybe I am being too judgmental. Always a music lover, I used to feel much more invested in the ceremony because it was the hippest of the awards shows. Over the last few years, it seemed as if even the celebrities and artists started to take the whole thing less seriously. It merely became a parade of outrageous costumes (no gowns anymore?) musical snubs, and bids for attention. The producers thought that by mixing as many odd-combination performers together as possible with a CBS sitcom star host, plus a side of interactive voting opportunities, they’d have an interesting program. Not so for me, I lost interest. While I’m still deciding if I want to participate in tonight’s telecast, we can read about how the suits at CBS have “outlawed” the skin show. That’s right, the fogeys at the network are saying no to cleavage, crack sightings, and side boob.

CBS Bans the Boobs With Grammy Awards Wardrobe Advisory (The Daily Beast) – In my mind, if a celebrity wants to wear something that looks ridiculous or bears the risk of a malfunction, that’s their own problem and often, their ticket to appear on Fashion Police. This article takes the stance of, “I don’t appreciate my family being exposed to your exposed body,” which I can understand, but I’d respond to this author with, “Maybe don’t allow your children to watch the ceremony.” My list of ‘things to do and not to do as a future parent’ grows by the day.

SNL Scorecard: Justin Bieber’s Show All About Bieber (Huffington Post) – For the first time in a while, I watched some of Saturday Night Live. It was painful, almost as painful as committing to sitting down and watching it because I knew how painful it will be. I am not a Bieber fan, in fact, I don’t get him. But I’m also out of his demographic. He was exactly as talented and had exactly the comedic depth that I expected: almost none. Justin Timberlake, he is not. It continues to sadden me, seeing SNL wither away from the juggernaut it once was. And my most important observation: after 10 years on the show, Kenan Thompson has stayed long enough to finally be the funniest cast member. Well played.

From Making Snow Angels to Sledding, Finding Ways to Have Fun In the Snow (NPR) – I am guilty of not having a winter-fun activity. I skied once, and fell off the lift (true story). I would go sledding but am afraid of being run down at the bottom of the mountain. This article reminds us to find things to do outside and stop bitching about them.

Polenta! (Food & Wine) – Polenta is the unsung hero of the gluten free movement, and an ingredient I vow to make better use of. When I’m on my GF game, I still am readily thinking about the carbs I can’t have, so it’s comforting to know these recipes are out there when I need something more.

Courtesy of Food and Wine Magazine

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