Sunshine and Snow, Military Homecomings, and Getting Diet Soda Sauced

It’s a great day. The sun is shining. My parents are in town. I’m looking forward to a fabulous night out later. I got to play with a happy baby. It’s one of the better Saturdays in a while. Let’s just feel good and enjoy every moment of it!

Welcome Home Blog – This is the place to hit every day, no matter what for a pick-me-up. With some of the best feel-good video sources, the WHB shares great stories and clips of military homecomings. I’m a fan of the surprise ones- especially the ones that involve kids! Precious!



How is everyone holding up after Nemo? According to reports, some spots in the Northeast have over 3 feet of snow. I know it can be crippling, but after you’ve lived through a 7 foot accumulation, everything else seems kind of lame. There’s something I find enjoyable about being “snowed in” (as long as your sump pump is working and you don’t have to bail it out every 30 minutes.) Snow is the prettiest and least scary of the weather-related natural disasters, and it also gives you a great excuse to layer up, snuggle up, increase your intake of hot alcoholic beverages and spend quality time at home with your favorite people. So take care Northeast, and cozy up with these samples.

Buffalo, NY December 2001. Courtesy of

The Perfect Workout Partner (Huffington Post) – It’s proven that couples who workout together, are better together in every way. Sure, it’s not quite the same dynamic as purchasing and devouring an entire pizza together, but it does have other benefits. No one else will be there at 6AM to shame you into getting out of bed quite like your significant other, and let’s face it, less pizzas devoured = more time for other things. Wink.

Three Steps to Becoming a Fashion Forward Fella (Hello Giggles) – I have unintentionally brought Ryan Gosling up about 10 different times in the last month, causing my husband to think he’s my new celebrity crush. While I enjoy him fine, that’s not even true. He’s just everywhere! And being in Michigan, I mean that literally. I like this article because there’s nothing like a sharp dressed man. There is never a bad reason to get a little spiffed up, in my opinion.

30 Things You Didn’t Know About Tina Fey ( – Sigh. I miss her already.

Mixing Diet Soda with Alcohol Gets You Drunk Faster (NY Daily News) – It’s Saturday, which means less than 48 hours until the weekend is over. Get down to business with some artificial sweetening.

The 12 Worst Grocery Stores in America (The Fiscal Times) – One thing Ann Arbor does have is a plethora of grocery stores to choose from, including Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. I was happy to see no additional reasons to be frustrated with this region on the list. But Tops… SMH.


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