Rant of the Month – Dear Kim Kardashian, No One Cares.

I find myself out of time for a quality sampler this evening, and you can thank my crippling OCD for that.  My dear parents, Jack and Diane (really!) are coming to town tomorrow, so I had to de-filth our entire place + a little more because, well, it’s my mom.  The scent of Windex smells like !home! to me.  Should I be worried?  I was trained by the best.  Filth be gone.

Anyways, because of that, this will be a quickie, and it’s going to take a turn toward the negative side, which is something I usually prefer to steer clear of.  I’m just in the mood for a good vent.  On my daily Internet surf, I didn’t find a whole lot going on, but what I did find irritating was something that’s been annoying me for weeks now.  This one is all on me for willingly participating, but screw it.  I’m going to complain.

I’m about to type an entire blog post about Kim Kardashian.  It’s going to be kind of mean, which I actually feel guilty about, but it’s because of my clogged Twitter and Instagram newsfeed.  It set me off.  It’s all right if you want to click off now.  Check back tomorrow- I’ll give you a meaty sampler, especially if this winter storm delivers a snow day.  

Now as I mentioned, it’s my own damn fault for ever buying into Keeping Up With Whatever the Hell the Kardashians are doing.  I blame my dad.  He was the first to watch.  To be honest, of the clan, Kim is my least favorite.  I find her vapid and painfully self conscious.  I’m a Khloe/Lamar/Kourtney/Scott fan, and I’m okay admitting that.  What I’ve noticed since the big pregnancy announcement is an upswing in Kim’s posting of her former self, i.e. pictures of her perfect figure, barely clothed, perfectly coifed, from last year or any time before.  Usually they are coyly disguised as “cute pictures of Mason”, (bikini shot, Mason semi in the background) or “being fitted for Cannes,” (exposed cleavage and pout face).  We get it Kim, you’re gorgeous.  What we’re also getting is that someone is starting to freak a little about losing her identity, and for lack of a better phrase- her money maker.  She wants to remind us all of how perfect she is so we’ll stick with her as she puts on pregnancy weight and maybe has to rearrange her life a bit.  After all, what does she have if she puts on 50 lbs., gets pregnancy acne, stretch marks, and then after all that- a baby?  What IF, just what IF we all stopped caring about her?  What it screams to me is “I am regretting this decision because I now realize I am famous for my looks, only.”  It seems like instead of embracing and preparing for her future role as a mother, she wants desperately to hang on to her glory days.  I already feel bad for this kid, because it’s looking like no one is ever going to be more important in Kim’s life, than Kim.

Kim, if you want to win your loyal fans over, a nice touch might be to share social media other than your lavish wardrobe, gifts people have given for you or designed for you, or pictures of you “fresh out of bed” with full makeup on and what’s looking like another face job.  And we can tell because of all your posts from 2008.  That’s a different face.  Be real.  Have a little faith in your fans.  They don’t need to be reminded several times a day what a goddess you are (were).

Kim K – Twitter

Kim K – Instagram

::End Rant.::  Fine, I’ll unsubscribe!

Tomorrow I’ll return with more meaningful posts about things like beer tasting, puppies, references to old TV shows, and what to do now that all your winter shoes have been destroyed by street salt.  


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