Acceptance Will Heal You as We Bid Farewell to the Penny and Take in a Filthy, Nearly NC-17 Movie

Today’s top sample is going to feel random and disorienting, much like the way I have felt the last week, especially.  Muddling through weeks of various sicknesses has left me feeling disconnected, but this story brought me back, and honestly, made me feel kind of happy, for Canada.

RIP Penny, 1858-2013 (Huffington Post CA) – I hate pennies.  I know that sounds very elitist but I rarely use them, they collect in my wallet but never seem to add up to much, and they’re annoying.  I heartily support this movement.

Hehe. Penny. Couldn’t resist.


As I mentioned above, I’ve been feeling kind of blah thanks to physical sickness, but also a lot of mental resistance to things in my life.  Then it occurred to me today, acceptance is key.  Even all the sickness- I just couldn’t accept that it was happening to me, (again, and again, x 3), and because I fought so hard to resist it, perhaps it made it so I never really healed up?  An interesting concept that I’m exploring- perception and acceptance.  Here’s a little something to get your brain going.

Acceptance as a Healing Modality (A Way of Seeing) – It’s all a matter of perception.  That doesn’t make it easy though, to accept that you’re not feeling well, or that a relationship in your life isn’t going to work, or that you maybe never will move back to the home you love, but resistance = suffering.  Boy am I seeing that now.

What’s the Best Hand Sanitizer Against Bacteria? (ABC News) – A perception that will probably never change is my obsession with good hygiene, especially when you’re surrounded by sick humans!  Articles like this get my OCD purring.

Raising a Puppy is Not Raising a Baby (Hello Giggles) – Last week, I asked friends to remind me that I shouldn’t get a cat because I don’t really like cats by nature, but felt like I wanted one to love anyways.  Although I have lots of nurturing energy to spew, I should spew it on my husband or maybe myself.  Because I am allergic to cats.  Sometimes, we just get a little ahead of ourselves, which is why I found this blog entry quite amusing.  (PS I also want a dog and a baby, and good news, I’m not allergic to either.

11 R-Rated Films That Were Almost NC-17 (Huffington Post) – I’ve spent more time than usual taking in TV, movies, and books lately so it got me to thinking about the looming creation of the “50 Shades of Grey” Trilogy movies, who’s going to play the characters, and how they could possibly bring it to the big screen in a way that isn’t stupid.  The screenplay writers are reportedly going to “go for it”, so we’ll see what that means.  While we wait, see how many of these naughty flicks you’ve feasted your eyes on.


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