Small Plates of Super Bowl Housekeeping, Will Ferrell, and Bad Grammar

Small plates for me today.  In fact, I’d rather not think about food after what I’ve been dealing with over the weekend.  In the words of “The Devil Wears Prada,” I’m just a few stomach flus away from my goal weight.  Ha.  Maybe more than a few.  I’m trying to look on the bright side.  Take your vitamins, people.  Stay healthy out there!

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl?  I found it to be entertaining enough, and you know what I thought the highlight was!  Here are some housekeeping items to tie up all the loose ends of the big game.

Power Outage: Don’t Blame Beyonce (CNN) – We all thought it.  Well, first, we thought, “uh oh, terrorism!”  Then we thought, “awesome, a hurricane.”  After that, everyone went on to blame Beyonce’s electric halftime show for the 37 minute game delay in the 2nd half.  Bottom line, the Superdome has some work to do!

The Mrs. Carter Show: Beyonce is Going on Tour (Huffington Post) – In a happy follow up to the well-performed halftime show, B is going on tour!  Highly recommended.  I’m crossing my fingers I can catch her before I head to Italy.

2nd Graders Fix NFL Tweets (Buffalo News) – My day job is education, so I especially appreciated this article about a teacher who used NFL player tweets as a teaching moment.  Just another way the players continue to be “role models.”

Will Ferrell Kisses Older Woman For Old Milwaukee (CBS News) – Overall, I felt the ads were pretty mediocre, and like most of America, appreciated the cute and sentimental over the slapstick.  This is one I wish I would have seen.



UPDATE: Too good not to post!

Baltimore Ravens Misplaced Lombardi Trophy at Super Bowl Party (Bleacher Report) – Muhahaha.  Really?  Shoulda let your brother watch it for you.


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