The Ann Arbor Sampler : Quickie – Diva Nail Spa

This is my second visit to the relatively new Diva Nail Spa at 3601 Washtenaw in Ann Arbor. My first experience was a well done gel manicure, and today was all about polishing up my toes for a pedi. The place is undeniably fresh and clean looking, with decor that says “we care.” I mean, honestly, the shiny subway tile backsplash framing the walls looks like something I could imagine in my kitchen one day.
Next to aesthetics, cleanliness is the most important part of any nail salon experience. I think we’ve all been to a “questionable” salon at least once, and you pray you make it out of there without some creepy fungus. Not so at Diva. The technicians are all incredibly friendly and accommodating, providing beverages and comfortable massage chairs.

Prices are pretty standard, with my previous gel manicure ringing in at $28, and pedicures ranging from $25-40. I make it a rule to only ever get the basic pedi treatment, but I didn’t argue when my technician pulled out hot stones for my foot massage. Let’s see how much this costs me.

*Update! $28! This will probably continue to be my nail spa spot. Make sure you call ahead for an appointment. It’s usually busy, and with good reason.

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