Super Bowl Sunday, Featuring Beyonce, Beer and Wing Pairings, and Adorable Puppies!

Super Bowl Sunday, 47.  It seems like it should be older than that, no?  When we reflect back on all the games we’ve taken in over the years (including the Bills, the Bills, the Bills, and the Bills, ’91-’94), it’s hard to imagine them not being the monstrosity of entertainment they have become.  Think of these poor players, back in 1967, and how they never even realized that just a few decades later, they could have been witness to a live wardrobe malfunction.

The Super Bowl No One Cared About (NPR)


As we kick off (pun intended) our Super Bowl Sunday, I wish you all enjoyable gatherings of friends and family, full of smack talk and nachos.  I am giving life another shot today, after February deceived me and brought yet another illness to my doorstep.  Over it!  I’m crossing my fingers for the rest of the month.  Pour yourself a drink, grab a comfy seat, and get ready for Beyonce to blow your mind.  I mean, get ready for these great Super Bowl inspired samples.


Wasabi Bloody Mary (A Beautiful Mess) – If I had my choice, I’d start every day of my life with the perfectly mixed bloody mary.  I like mine spicy, with olives.  The ladies at A Beautiful Mess concocted this extra sassy drink with a hint of wasabi.  Add a giant platter of sushi and it sounds like the perfect day to me!

Chicken Wings and Beer Pairings (Food & Wine) – I am a Buffalo girl through and through, so it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to chicken wings.  Yep.  In Buffalo, we call them chicken wings.  Not Buffalo wings, because that would be silly and repetitive.  F&W gave us this simple list of the best beers for your favorite type of wing.  When in doubt, wash it down with a nice, cold Labatt Blue.  There’s another Buffalo trick for ya.

Super Bowl Odds 2013 (Baltimore Beat Down) – If you’re a football beginner, or you aren’t sure what team to root for, check out this breakdown of the game odds.  Hint, the Ravens are underdogs by 3.5 points, which means, despite sharing the AFC, I will probably feel obligated to cheer them on.  I have an underdog heart!

Stars at the Super Bowl (Huffington Post) – They can’t help themselves.  If there is a party, you will see many of these celebs looking for a red carpet.  We also learn that there are fashion options other than a jersey and sweat pants for this special day.

Puppy Bowl 2013 Lineup (Thought Catalog) – It would be unfair not to include what is the highlight of this Sunday for many Americans, The 2013 Puppy Bowl.  This link includes the entire starting line-up, some of the fiercest canine athletes in the world.  And they are all adoptable!  I had to step away from the computer.  It’s too tempting.


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