Live Sampler: The Super Bowl

– I think I’m rooting for the 49ers. Less murderers on the team?
– Second sporting event where a team comes out to “The Streets Have No Name?” Am I missing the appeal?
– Always love me some Queen.
– Sandy Hook? I’m crying already 😦
– God Bless you JHud. That’s what WW looks like when you follow it Lindsay.
-Alicia Keys- pure. Gorgeous talent.
-I will only comment on awesome commercials and I haven’t seen any yet.
– First TD to the Ravens. Statically they have a better shot of winning now.
-Why is Joe Flacco so creepy looking?
-M&Ms = first commercial to get me to chuckle
-Audi commercial was cute.
-Lol to Bar Rafaeli/Go Daddy. I was uncomfortable
-if Frank Gore scores, I’ll be annoyed. Once a fantasy dud means I’ll hate you forever.
-just had the first group “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” On the missed SF touchdown
-Hahaha Amy Poehler. #bestbuy
-Let’s look at the world differently. I like the message Coke
-My favorite thing is when the fattest guy gets the ball.
-Calvin Klein: something for the ladies.
-2nd Hyundai commercial much better.
-Hubby wins 2nd quarter square. Probably.
-oops spoke too soon.
-IT’S BEYONCE TIME. We’ll chat afterwards.
– B! Beautiful and talented. Flawless. Energy. I would have liked some other songs, felt a little disjointed at times. Would have rather closed with more Destiny’s Child + Survivor. Would have loved some Jay. Overall, really, really good.
-remember how embarrassing Madonna was?
– WHOA longest kick return in post season. Sorry 49ers.
-Lights out?! Someone just lost their job? Hurricane?
-27 minutes without play. Bored. Phone close to dying. Someone just brought out a cake…
-momentum shift…
-Congrats to the Ravens! As long as the Patriots didn’t win, I’m fine with that outcome.


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